Celebrating the 10th Anniversary in A Big Way As An IT Company

As a recognized IT consulting company, this week, Avant-Garde Technologies is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Starting its journey ten years back, as a small web designing and development firm, it has now developed itself as a household company for the clients. For this reason, the company will always be thankful to its team members and clients for their continuous support and contributions.

In the past ten years, the world has changed in a great way. It is has been seen that the company is growing every minute, as each of the core team member is learning something new each time with the advancement of technology. This is not only a way of helping the clients but also assisting the employees as well to gain more knowledge about the digital world. For the development, support and growth of the business, the company has been continuously exploring new avenues and knocking the new doors for opening them.

The IT professionals of this renowned company always try to give their best performance for the benefit of the establishment. As extensible data centre capacity is increasingly essential, hence along with web development and web designing, the company deals with big data and cloud computing too.

The national footprint of the company has grown considerably, as it has assisted its clients to meet the challenges of interconnecting, storing and processing their data over the last ten years. The firm is also providing Google Adwords campaign, social media marketing, email marketing, web hosting, website application development and mobile application development to name a few. The company helps in the development of a brand for some of the lesser-known companies.

Starting with analytics and data across the country for the clients, AgtsIndia, an outsourcing IT consulting company is creating a great resource for the clients in near future. They can provide space for your ambitions to take shape anywhere you want to be, as a trusted partner.