4 Significant Pillars on Which Success of an SEO Campaign Depends

SEO Service Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is playing a significant role in maximizing online popularity and prosperity of any company today. An SEO Service Company specializes in architecting and implementing cutting-edge SEO campaigns which ensures huge product or service enquiries and consumption for a particular organization. A high efficiency SEO campaign is implemented with a number of objectives which are fixed right before it is designed. These objectives are explained below.

  • Customers – Customers form the centre of an SEO campaign around which the campaigns revolves from start to finish. Since the campaign is web based, it is important for an organization to first understand what percentage of the total number of customers would consume a product on the basis of their online searches. At the same time, it is also important for the organization to understand how its competitors would try to influence its customers with similar types of products. Accordingly, it can prepare an effective marketing strategy by studying the purchase psychology of its customers.
  • Niche – Before starting the campaign, an organization must analyse what special benefit its new product is going to offer its customers or what special need of its customers would be effectively fulfilled by this new product which would not be fulfilled by its competitors. By analysing this, it would design its marketing content which would be the most attractive to its customers.
  • Keywords – Keywords are the chief driving force of a SEO campaign. An organization should conduct an exhaustive research and prepare such keywords which would most effectively match the needs and interests of its customers. The company also needs to analyse the word combinations which have been used maximum in product search phrases by customers and the word combinations which have been least used in product search phrases. Keyword formation should be such that it would cover all possible word combinations of customer search queries with which it would be able to outsmart its competitors.
  • Traffic conversion rate – This is the most important output of an SEO campaign. An effective SEO campaign by a company would successfully bring a massive number of customers to its website. But now the question is how many of these website visitors would actually transform or converted into actual product consumers or show clear signs of ‘potential’ customers. If a campaign can bring about 1000 customers in a week to its website but unfortunately none of them get converted, then the campaign is not at all successful. On the other hand, if a campaign can bring about 500 customers to the website in the same time duration and out of them 100 gets successfully converted into buyers, then this campaign is worth the marketing endeavour.

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