5 Vital Transactional Emails for Email Marketing Enterprises


The level of subscriber engagement is what decides your ultimate chance to convert loyal subscribers to potent customers. This is one of the most vital task of any person as an email marketer. Sending content or mails that contain irrelevant matter is something much undesired. Almost 52% of companies are seen to lose loyal customers primarily due to this reason. Catering to the need of the clientele, Avant Garde Technologies is a name that can surely be enlisted in the list of the best SEO Company in Kolkata.

Email marketing can definitely prove to be useful when it comes to the expansion of a business. But what counts is a complete knowledge about the transactional emails that are required for the purpose.

Mail address confirmation mail – It is important to send out a confirmation mail to all your subscribers, who subscribe to your newsletter or apply via a form. This helps in building up an effectual bonding of trust between you and the customer, while enabling them to have an amazing experience with you.

Order confirmation and purchase receipts – An order confirmation mail and receipt is a way to provide your clientele with an assurance that your transaction has been processed. It helps them track their order all through the delivery time period and bestows them with all the necessary information for the same.

Reactivation mails – Reactivation mails are one of the best ways to keep your consumers engaged. A reactivation mail is usually targeted towards individuals who had been your potent customers for a long time and have stopped interacting with you in the present times. They are even sent in case a customer cancels his or her order right before delivery. It is great way to help customers remember your existence.

Feedback mail – Improving your detailing is one of the best ways in which you can bring about a development in your popularity listing. Gathering feedback from potential customers is one of the best way to do so. It is therefore vital to keep a place reserved for feedback mails wherein customers can provide you with reviews and enhance your chances of improvement.

Reset your passwords – Make sure that the password reset process for your website is a clear one. It is important for customers to get a clear set of instructions regarding the same so as to avoid all sorts of complications.