AGTS Salutes Google’s Yogic Initiatives for Awareness

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A recent initiative by Google confirms their intention of celebrating the world’s yoga day by making people, especially the younger minds aware of the beneficiaries of doing yoga. The bells are too high due to the arriving International Yoga Day. When the Capital city-state of India, Delhi will be witnessing a glaring effort of thousands including that of the Prime Minster Narendra Modi. As the news, published online came to uplift India’s cultural heritage beyond the borders, we, at Avant Grade Technologies would like to learn the newer tricks of blending CSR with the basics of Digital Marketing.

What’s the cache?

The webbing world, in a way actively participates in the said initiative, preferably to boost their corporate social responsibilities as has been remarked by some. Whatever, the efforts are commendable as Chetan Krishna Swamy rightly stated, Google will be elucidating on the cultural heritage, traditional history of India for the common man. Being an India based Web Hosting Company, the maestros at Avant Garde Technologies could proudly correlate with the learning part of the initiative that also makes the nation reach heights. For Google India Chef inaugurated a workshop, arranged by the SDM Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences College located in Ujire. The three-day workshop would be seeing around 500 NSS officers and volunteers gathering for the cause.

How will it work?

Based in Kolkata, our digital expertise hopes to contribute through our Content Marketing Services. Though a short initiative but the designers, writers, SMO and SEO analysts are posting to cope with the trending yoga related information. By taking the words of Google Head, we agree to applaud them through social media posts, blogs, and video sand so on. Thereby, what the webbing network which have 400 million internet users and or 200 million smartphone users who access the internet as well.

How it benefits?

Google, being the epitome of big data aimed at distributing knowledge speedily. Thus basic knowledge concerning the origins, practices of Yoga’s and how it favors all could be accessed well. Moreover, the agenda excels positive in ensuring how this information, statistical as well as non-statistical ones links itself with the various health issues cornering medical world and how Yoga would be aiding them positively.