All About Google Pay Per Click Advertising: Types Of Ad Extensions

Pay Per Click

Ad extensions are a great way to occupy more screen space & increase the chance of clicks. Know how Pay Per Click ads services in Kolkata can help your business be visible to your target audience. 

Every business needs a well-thought-out strategy for lead generation through calls, sales, revenue, or conversions. When targeting your audience through digital marketing strategies, if you are not careful you might miss out a lot with leads. Additionally, your business cannot get the right traction without brand awareness, customer engagement, and visibility. In this realm, advertising plays a very important part and Google Ads extensions offer a wide variety of benefits. 

Google Ads work is extremely beneficial for small businesses. The reason being, it can offer tons of advantages, the ability to reach targeted audiences, pay for performance pricing models, and an easy-to-track ROI. Ad extensions provide additional information and let people take action directly from the search results. This gives your Ads more prominence, garners increased clicks, and boosts valuable customer interaction. PPC (pay per click) advertising is a system that helps you place your ads on Google. PPC advertising agencies in Kolkata thus help businesses strategize their PPC campaigns to maximize their ROI. 

How to Optimize PPC Campaigns with Google Ad Extension?

  • Sitelink Extension: A site link extension can show two to six sitelinks per ad. You can add a two-line description to each site link. It will take the users directly to the important pages on your website.
  • Call Extensions: With this, you can let your clients get a meaningful experience by directly calling you.  You can showcase the call extension in a click-to-call format, and people can directly connect with you by clicking on the number button. 
  • Location Extension: With this extension, you can add the physical address of your business to the ad. It is ideal for businesses that have a physical presence and want their customers to visit their store. The location extension is useful as it gives people accurate information about the store’s location. 
  • Price Extension: A price extension allows the prospects to know the cost of a product and also, visit your website to check the offering. Being upfront about price shows your transparency and it may reward you with higher CTR. It also increases credibility among your valued customers. Google can display up to eight pricing cards. 

Thus, to reach new heights of success and surge your business profits. You need to chalk out a well-strategized PPC marketing service plan that will be effective in gaining your prominence online. Also, if you feel lost or too overwhelmed, give a call to Avant-Garde Technologies, the best digital marketing service provider in Kolkata.