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Possible Mistakes To Avoid In Content Distribution

blog_img_021017Most of the content marketing services in Kolkata think that you must not do any kind of wrong in content distribution because it can severely harm your brand online.

Though content marketing business is huge still people struggle to conduct it successfully. Moreover, people producing content ridiculously.  This actually makes it more difficult to find your own content in a better way. Thus, most of the content that is made goes in vain. The major reason that Content Marketing Services In Kolkata says that it is important to distribute the content well. The ineffectiveness might happen due to the distribution of content.  Also, the entire process should not be done again as it will be a total waste of money. Continue reading Possible Mistakes To Avoid In Content Distribution

Important Features of Android Oreo: 8 that you Must Know

Maximum mobile application development in Kolkata takes about the latest Android version Oreo. It’s an OS including handful of traits that must be checked.Important Features of Android Oreo: 8 that you Must Know

You already must know that Google has launched the latest version of Android i.e. Android Oreo: 8. It’s definitely has increased the curiosity among people and they must want to know its features as well. With this new Android version, it actually helped to increase the security level as well as new features were added to the list as well.  Also, Google has mentioned that there is a particular device for Android Oreo flash files so that developers can use it perfectly. So, even the Mobile Application Development in Kolkata need to know more about it so that they can make the apps which are compatible with these OS.  Continue reading Important Features of Android Oreo: 8 that you Must Know

Popular Issues that Slow Down Your Android App

There are different kinds of apps which you can install in your app but according to Android Development Company Kolkata you can actually face problem in using it if the app gets slow.


Through Google Play Store you can able to avail a massive number of Android apps in your phone. There are such countless apps which you can install for free. But what if suddenly you face that while running the apps your phone gets slowed? Or as your phone has been slowed the app is also running slow? You definitely don’t want to miss the interesting facts about your app. So here are some reasons which the experts of Kolkata IT Web Solutions also believed the same. Continue reading Popular Issues that Slow Down Your Android App

Excellent Ecommerce Website Designs And Development Solutions

The Ecommerce Website Design India uses the latest designing techniques to get a quick growth and increase the selling rate with ecommerce websites that are more SEO friendly. The development solutions help to build an ecommerce establishment in a couple of days. The technical experts of this field are putting the best efforts to help in reaching the goal.

The Ecommerce Website Design India follows the latest technological processes to design the ecommerce websites and has made a place in the hearts of many customers. The designs are done in a way to experience the sky-high levels of profit after selling. Continue reading Excellent Ecommerce Website Designs And Development Solutions

An Android Development Company Deploys The Updated Technical Tools And Services

Android is an open source software platform designed to build new applications which can be accessed very easily. It was originally developed by the Android Inc. A well known computer language – ‘java’ is used in coding and the java libraries control it.

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Some of the general android mobile features are :-
  1. CDMA, EDGE, GSM, Bluetooth, UMTS and Wi-Fi technologies to receive and send data across different mobile networks.
  2. 2D or 3D graphic libraries, libraries for audio, video, image files like jpg, jpeg, gif, png, mp3, mp4, mpeg4, etc.
  3. Features like front camera, back camera, GPS, video camera, flash in the front camera.
  4. Internal storage capacity, expandable memory capacity, battery charging capacity and operating system are also included in the list of features.

Continue reading An Android Development Company Deploys The Updated Technical Tools And Services

Factors That Regulate the Usability of Design for Any E-Commerce Website

In this era definitely, a simple website cannot get you more customers especially if you have an e-commerce website. It is just that you need to do e-commerce website design in India, which is different from the normal ones.

ecommerce website design india

If you want to develop your new e-commerce website then you must consider some important factors. Make sure that your e-commerce website must be friendly with search engines, pleasing enough and also must be fully functional as well.

Continue reading Factors That Regulate the Usability of Design for Any E-Commerce Website

Know About the Ideal Host for Your Website

To know about the ideal host about your website it is essential that you must understand the requirement of your website.  This includes the kind of content which must be put on the website, as well as know the demographic of your people.  Less expensive web hosting services and web IT solutions might be beneficial for the personal site but for a professional site a noteworthy amount of content is required that includes things like cloud hosting, VPS services, technical support system and how all the works are getting implemented.

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Static vs. Dynamic Hosting- One important factor to consider before choosing the ideal hosting service is that whether you will be installing digital content or not. Digital matters like video, music, podcasts must be available to the customers.  But if you have any problem with downloading then your user will certainly face problems while downloading videos or music from the site.

Continue reading Know About the Ideal Host for Your Website

The Importance Customer Relationship Management for Steady Growth

There can be a lot of debate over what factor influences businesses the most. But there is absolutely no doubt that the rapport one shares with the customer is invaluable. It is not enough to simply produce quality output. There also needs to be an intricate system in place which will help retain customer loyalty and account for customer growth on a long term basis. Customer retention results in greater profit at a smaller investment and also makes the level of profit steady. The customer on the other hand benefits from having a firm that understands its values, tastes and needs. For the establishment of mutually helpful relation with strategic partner over a long period, focus needs to be put on Customer Relationship Management (CRM).Many Kolkata IT Web Solutions are looking into CRM seriously for this very reason.

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Some of the obvious advantages of Customer Relationship Management are :-

  • When the customers feel valued, they are less likely to switch to alternative suppliers.
  • You can gain more insight about customers’ buying behaviour, interests and engagement.
  • You can identify which customers are more valuable and segregate them on that basis.
  • You can explore possibilities of creating novel products and services for your best customers.
  • A long term beneficial effect is more likely to bloom.
  • You can get competitive advantage over your competitors.

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Do Mobile Applications Help in Children’s Brain Development?

We are living in times where technology has advanced to such an extent that it pervades every single aspect of daily life. Even the prospect of raising young children is not exempt from it. Many a times parents are worried sick that addiction to androids and IPad are making their children like zombies. They fear that the brain is being fed with unnecessary junk which are adversely affecting their cognitive development. While this claim cannot be totally nullified, paranoia over technological advancement is also uncalled for. Mobile application solutions have come a long way and made significant contributions towards development of material responsible for brain growth.

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Why choose apps for children?

Children’s brains are like fireworks. An endless number of neural connections are formed over the initial years that help shape their entire future. Research by child development specialists have found that children learn most effectively when they are deeply engrossed in an activity; especially activities involving audio-visual aids. So brain development apps can make learning both fun and effective at the same time. Continue reading Do Mobile Applications Help in Children’s Brain Development?

Precautions to Protect Your OS from Cyber Attack

As the entire world is talking about the recent cyber attack which just happened last week has affected globally around 150 countries. The ransomware which has affected the systems is named as ‘WannaCry” which is actually a flaw happened to be seen in the software of Microsoft. It has spread across various networks and unlocked major files.

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What is ransomware?

It is actually a cyber attack where the hackers take full control of the entire computer and block all the system until and unless a particular ransom is paid to the ransom which they demanded. The first of this kind of a case actually occurred in the year 2005 in U.S. The cyber criminals who actually do this hacking totally gain access to the entire system. They download malicious software within the network which they decide to hack. If the victim clicks on this link by mistake then the entire data can be hacked. If the software gets launched in the victim’s OS then they can lock all the data found on that network. Though some kind of anti-virus can protect your device but cyber criminals are constantly trying to come up with new techniques to overcome this rigid protection. Continue reading Precautions to Protect Your OS from Cyber Attack