Best Tips to Remove Negative Customer Feedback From Google

Google- bad reviews

Got a negative review on Google for your business? Don’t lash out. Learn from digital marketing agencies in India the perfect solutions for fixing the problem.

A lot of hard work goes into building a company or starting a new business from scratch, and it takes a minute to tarnish the good reputation gained gradually over a period of time. A bad or a negative Google review can be the biggest nightmare for any business owner. Apart from shaking your confidence, it also adversely affects your business’s image and drops your rank on Google listings. Additionally, bad reviews drive away customers from your business to your competitors as per experts from digital marketing service providers in Kolkata. 

There is always a fix to every problem and remove the damage caused to your business’s credibility and your website’s SEO. Initial analysis of your bad review will help you solve a few confusions in your mind. 

  • Do not panic on the first go, take it in your stride and avoid backlashing.
  • Once you are in the right space of mind, check whether the feedback or review is fake or real. Do you recognize any fraud account? There are many who want to gain attention on the internet by giving bad reviews to increase their own brand sales. 
  • If you have enough proof that the review is fake, flag it and also, openly state the reason for such a conclusion on the platform. 
  • If the review is real, take a moment to type a  reasonable response citing reasons for your fault if there is any or understanding the client’s preference. It’s the client obliges or accepts your apology, also, you can ask him to remove the review courteously. 

Tips To Remove Negative Google Reviews:-

1. Push The Review Down:-

It might be a little complex to completely remove the bad review but you can play smart by pushing it down. It’s a natural tendency for customers to scroll 5-6 reviews of any business that they want to avail service from. For pushing it down you need to counteract it with double the number of positive reviews. Google by itself will only highlight the good ones and also, discard the bad ones. 

2. Stay Vigilant With Your Reviews:– 

When you are proactive about your reviews, only then you build a strong and positive reputation online. You need to be on top of all other reviews to stop the negative ones affecting your business. Also, if there is a genuine mistake there is nothing better than owning up, providing solutions that will help your customers. 

3. Rebranding Can Work As A Last Measure:– 

Large companies who have excess PR debacles know the importance of rebranding. Rebranding can be helpful in repairing your reputation. However, this should be the last resort as rebranding will change the whole dynamics of your business and take it off from Google listing. You need to set up a new business account and infirm Google that the previous one does not exist anymore. 

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