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SMS Marketing Ensures Easy Enrichment and Effortless Establishment

SMS marketing is the most dominant telecommunication marketing means currently used by various companies in Kolkata and it has produced fruitful and strikingly brilliant results. Today, SMS is not only a mode of communication but it has also established itself as an excellent marketing tool.  It has also proved its indispensability in building customer’s trust and reliance. At present, the commercial significance of an SMS Marketing Company in Kolkata is same as that of a top-ranked IT companyin this city.


The ultimate priority and preference of SMS marketing is made understood by its following features: Continue reading SMS Marketing Ensures Easy Enrichment and Effortless Establishment

4 Tips to face the New Adwords Mantra

SMS Marketing

With the latest update of Google on the expanded texts, it is important for the digital marketing world, especially for the SEO and the SMO’s to know how to face the new Adwords. Be it the SMS Marketing or any other areas the five tips becomes essential.

Checking on the long headlines:

Adwords are familiar with the process of examining the ads having long headlines. The sentences get its ending with the help of a punctuation mark. As a result, this makes that particular ad is eligible if its first line of description is highlighted just next to the headline. Also, the space between one to the thirty characters are limited to one particular highlight which one of the first benefit. Secondly, a dual combination of the headline one and the second one if examined would make better results. One can certainly use this in a particular project or content after the web hosting process is smoothly tackled. Continue reading 4 Tips to face the New Adwords Mantra