Channelize Instagram Story to Gain Success & Grow in Your Business

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Know how your brand can benefit from Instagram stories. A reputed digital marketing company in Kolkata can give the best tips to promote your brand on Instagram.

Social media is powerful, it can make or break your reputation in the virtual world. So, you need to channelize it in a positive way so that it opens new doors for you and your business. Among the other social media platforms, Instagram is the weapon of the new generation. A social media marketing company in Kolkata can help you increase your ROI by using Instagram stories as an effective marketing tool. For those who are new, Instagram is a fast-growing social media platform that predominantly is popular for sharing pictures and videos to connect to friends, families, celebrities, influencers, and brands online. It is owned by Facebook and has an active user base of more than 800 million. So, you should definitely use Instagram to grow your business and increase your brand’s awareness. 

What is Instagram Stories?

The platform gives you the option to post videos and stories that only last for 24 hours. After the entire length of the time is over, the post will disappear. This is what Insta’s story is all about. However, if you want to keep those posts or videos, you can keep them saved. 

How Can You Use An Instagram Story for Marketing Your Brand?

Creative Content:- This is the thumb rule; anything exciting, innovative, and creative works best in making heads turn. You can make some popular posts for your IG stories is by:

  • Product launches
  • Live chats
  • Question and answers
  • Exciting announcements
  • Tutorials on a recently launched product

The key is all the above-mentioned pots will only sell if you put across your brand’s vision to your audience. It should thus resonate with both. 

Discounts, and Rebate:- There is no customer who will ever deny a good service or product at a stellar price. So offering discounts and rebates can work in attracting more clients. According to a professional digital marketing agency in Kolkata, since your IG story lasts for only 24 hours, you can easily organize for a flash sale for all your followers.

Other Web-Content:-  Your Instagram story has immense potentiality. You can leverage it to promote other pieces of content in its mini version. This will create a bit of curiosity in your followers’ mind, hence the probability of gaining more views boosts up. It is a great way to increase click rates and conversions. 

Advantages of Instagram Stories:-

  • Availability: Instagram live videos are omnipotent. You can upload one anytime, anywhere. Your followers too can connect with you easily. 
  • Immediacy: Special, offers, flash sales always give you quick results. So, keep a tap on the analytics metrics. 
  • Connection & Engagement: People are always in a hurry these days. So posting a story that is fresh, exciting, short, and crisp is a boon. Helps in more client engagement and a better reach. 

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