Discover the Hottest Logo Design Trend For 2017

Designs are definitely not static and constantly evolving with time. Everyday new style and designs are been incorporated by many. Thus, trends are something which will come and go depending on the global scenario. As we close out the year 2016 and start up with the New Year it is must that we should focus on some new designs related to the logo. Whether it is for social media platforms, visual appeal or for the brand recognition we need a logo everywhere. Here are some logo trends that are viral in 2017:-

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  • Broken letters– Stencils or Spray paint? Not enough. In 2017 we can expect that the Logo Design Company in Kolkata can opt for broken letter-forms that are beyond the normal letters. Also, it comes in different designs and style as well.
  • Minimal – trend of saying more with least possible – As the trend has almost spread globally, it is must that in this year your logo should be simple yet sophisticated. The logo should be simple yet catchy. It should be enough to attract customers and bring traffic to your brand. The style of the logo should sum up your message.
  • Handwritten or Hand drawn – This logo style is actually used to engage the customer with the brand at an intimate level. Though, sometimes it becomes difficult to transform the handmade design into the web but with the help of technology it has become easier. This kind of logo is utilized in the food industry.
  • Negative Space – Also, this kind of logo has become one of the favorites among the logo designers. It is very much popular in social media platforms and also big brands use this technique. This particular kind of logo is for them who likes to discover something. They are really creative and interesting. You can always expect customer engagement with this kind of logo. In many Kolkata IT web solutions, you can find the usage of this logo.
  • Mono Lines – In this year you will see the concept of logo design taking a new shape with mono lines or line art designs. Generally, this is a very simple line with some specific designs that are actually associated with graphics. The establishments which are not so popular can take up the design. Actually, the entire work is done with the line. A thick line is drawn but when the line is intensely analysed you will get a very crisp and cleaner look.
  • GIF’s – You must have seen that GIF’s are in high demand in social media platforms but it also gained popularity in the form of logos. Actually, it can be said that moving logo, ranks at the top in the list. Obviously, the brands who are selling their products are more beneficial with this logo design.