Ecommerce Shipping: A Key Ingredient in Spurring Your Business

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Shipping is a marketing strategy for the shipping of your online products. Implement the right strategies, keeping in mind your margins to boost your eCommerce business.

You can offer the best shopping experience, the best products, exceptional customer service, innovative offers, and benefits but it’s your shipping process that finally sets the deal. Also, according to eCommerce web design companies, the strategic delivery of your products is the guiding force behind any eCommerce marketing strategies. 

The correct shipping of your products helps you truly connect with your customers. Hence, any attempt or effort made to make the shipping of your products hassle-free and reliable, it will resonate well with your users. 

Some Statistics to Prove the Importance of Shipping:-

According to a recently conducted shipping survey:

  • 93% of customers validated that shipping plays a crucial role in their online shopping experience
  • For being available for free delivery, 3 out of 5 shoppers have increased their cart value.
  • Also, 89% of customers believe waiting for the late delivery of products is far more lucrative than paying delivery charges for same-day delivery.
  • Also, 68% of shoppers use shopping vouchers and coupon codes for free shipping.

All these data prove that customers are very much concerned about their shipping experience. But the most striking fact is only 22% of retailers feature all their shipping policies on their websites. 

Strategies and Techniques You Can Implement to Better Shipping:-

Shipping Free of Cost:-

The most effective way to resonate well with your clients is by offering them directly what they want. The demand for free shipping is quite high. Make no restrictions or complications in the plan. However, retailers must also look into their fund reserve before promising anything to the clients. Before you roll out any offers work with the numbers well. 

Minimum Qualifying Price:- 

This simply means that your customers must have to order for a minimum amount to be applicable for free shipping. This enhances the flexibility of brands that have a small order size. This proves beneficial to your business in terms of profits and also boosts your conversion rates.  Another key factor you should remember is to be transparent about your deals. There should not be any hidden costs. If you are charging your customers for any particular service, make clear mention about it. If your clients encounter any breach, it can be detrimental to your business.

Assemble the Right Team:-

All the professionals in your team should be adept at their own game. For successful and seamless functioning of your business, you need to have appropriate stakeholders like

  • A marketing expert
  • Web design and development executive
  • Digital marketer
  • Customer support personnel
  • Operation manager

Every department has a responsibility to make shipping a quality experience for customers. 

The Most Common Ecommerce Shipping Goals:-

Now that you know how important is shipping in your business, here are some objectives that you need to pay attention to: 

  • To increase conversions
  • Expand the target audience and extend brand reach
  • Boost average order value
  • Enhance customer’s shipping experience 
  • Improve operational efficiency. 

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