Effects of CoronaVirus on Businesses and Marketers


Market is shaking up with the huge impact of CoronaVirus on the businesses. Google ads agency is focussing in generating leads for businesses while combating this pandemic.

The news that has become the headline of every television channel, newspaper and online media is the spread of the CoronaVirus. This pandemic is not only proving to be fatal for human lives but is also largely impacting the businesses. Specialists of Google ads agency are trying to combat this situation.  Sales are dropping and as a result profits too are declining. One of the biggest company’s stores Apple India shuts down due to this CoronaVirus. This highly contagious virus is creating a situation where quarantining is becoming mandatory which is affecting business of all sectors.

Effects on Businesses:-

Organic traffic is showing a huge shift and is changing the search results online. People are restricting themselves to travel which shows a huge drop on the travel industry’s organic search results. Reports are proving that not only any particular sector but almost every sector of business is experiencing massive sales drop. Other industries that are showing a significant decline in organic results are the advertising, construction, transportation, telecom and manufacturing industries. Companies that can still manage a lot of work from their homes like software, technology and e-commerce are trying to manage. However, these companies are also experiencing major business issues like others. Even PPC companies are also showing the same trends as others except if the company is related to hand sanitizers, toilet papers, face masks or alcohol beverages.

There are a few industries that are showing growth in their website traffic: they are media, finance, food business and medical care companies. People searching for news and updates are clicking on the news sites which are increasing their web traffic. Other three businesses are also the need of the hour and thus are experiencing growth rather than decline in their organic traffic.

Benefits to Digital Platforms:-

Social media is gaining more attention as people staying at home are connecting with the outside world through social media sites. Facebook ads marketing can be beneficial at this point of time and is likely to get a huge traffic. Facebook is not only removing information from any source trying to exploit the situation but is also providing a space to get all the updates. People are more virtually engaged in conversation than personally contacting with others. Meetings are now online. People are virtually meeting their co-employers through online video conferences. Also entertainment media shows the improvement in online sites like Netflix or Amazon prime. Companies with good traffic rates are also showing less conversion rates. Although people are visiting the websites which are offering discounts but conversion rates are still low.

This pandemic is still spreading therefore we can assume that businesses will now require some time to stabilize. AGTS India is committed to improve your organic traffic through efficient digital marketing measures. Development is possible only through smart and unique techniques necessary to get maximum traffic.