Email Marketing Mistakes That Are Affecting the Campaigns

Every day people are making thousands of mistakes but that doesn’t mean that those mistakes are welcomed in your email marketing campaign. In most of the email marketing company experts always keep a check that they don’t repeat the mistakes again and again that might affect the campaign severely. Let us see some biggest mistakes which most of the people does while planning their email marketing campaign:-

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Bad A/B Testing Decisions

Obviously, you must want to run a very successful A/B test. But if you see that while doing the test you face serious problems then certainly it will cause stress. Some other common errors which you may face are:-

  • The sample is too small- It is important that your data must be large enough to see that you really can bring a change in the entire campaign without affecting the performance. It is important that to gain success you must send the sample size to a large section of people.
  • Too many variables- It is important that to get the success you must reduce the variables because more than one variable might disrupt the entire test and make the campaign worse.

Poor Email List Hygiene

The companies of email marketing in Kolkata if do not maintains the email list properly then it will definitely affect your campaign severely. If you don’t clean the database then it will totally damage it. There are many people who think that so many users might have added to the list but it’s actually not and it’s fake list. Since all the email address is not valid so it is important that a serious step should be taken so that it must get erased from the list.

Not clear subject lines

It is really important that with the body you must have clear subject lines. But sometimes to hype the body so many people often forget to highlight the subject line. If you don’t get a proper substance for the email subject line then you might not get proper raw clicks. Also, remember that the subject line actually describes your overall email so it has to be attractive and on the same hand very catchy so that the viewers see the other parts of the email as well.