Essential Features that A Real Estate Website Must Have

website designThere are certain features that a real estate website must-have. We will discuss the website design of real estate in this blog. Keep reading to know more.

The business of real estate is very competitive and highly vigorous. But, the fruit of real estate is more than enough. If you own a real estate business and you think your website has all the necessary features then think again. Before redoing your website design read this blog and implement these special features in your website.

The element of visual hierarchy in website designing is the arrangement of different UI elements in a perfect order to create a modest presentation. This enables users to scan the page information faster. Through this, one can click on the required option and purchase from the website conveniently. Websites with an optimal visual hierarchy provide better UX while also giving high sales.

In website construction/designing done at the best website designing services in Kolkata, design always forms the core of any communication done visually. Here, ideas get conveyed via a visual medium. This proves true for all different forms of designs. It is also valid, especially for web designs. People being the actual visual thinkers, sometimes massive blocks of communication fall short of conveying the real idea. One does not process data efficiently. Instead, one organizes all information in terms of a valuable visual relationship.  Here are some features that a real estate website must-have.

Implement these Features In Your Real Estate Website:-

  • Personalised Display:-

    If your profile has the high class and luxury listings of properties, then use a custom display to highlight them. You can put a display layout which can bring these listings on your main page. These will help them get the necessary exposure without annoying visitors or looking different from the total design.

  • Custom Property Cards:-

    This is another subtle yet smart way of putting property listings on display. There are layouts which display custom property cards in a neat and efficient manner.

  • Search Tabs:-

    The search tab is one essential feature of any website to be specific. You also need to add certain tabs on your quick search bar which will ease things for the visitors. As a result, your visitors can easily find the requirements of their interest.  You can use these tabs to toggle between search types like properties for sale, rental, mortgages, etc.

  • Contact Button:-

    This is the primary feature that you should include under every listing. It will help a visitor directly contact the concerned person of a property. If you want your visitors to be able to contact owners directly, simply integrate this button into the property page. Your visitors won’t be required to log in to communicate with the homeowner, making it much easier to find all required information or details on the property they’re interested in.

These are some essential features that a real estate service must-have. To get the best website design services to get in touch with Avant-Garde Technologies.