Facebook Ads or Google Ads- Which Is Better As A Digital Marketing Platform

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The Digital Marketing companies in Kolkata always choose social networking sites like Facebook and Google to promote the business due to their PPC concept.

Digital Marketing is one of the progressive marketing tactics to start a new business. It is a kind of business marketing process where digital platforms are used to promote business products and services. On the other hand, advertisements also play a very important role to promote any kind of business. There are many online marketing companies that use social media platforms as a marketing tactic and advertise their products on digital platforms. 

Digital Marketing companies in Kolkata always prefer Familiar social media platforms to promote business services. Facebook is a familiar social media platform. Many people, now a day, are using Facebook to connect with their relatives and friends. Most of the time they are active in social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Many SEO companies deliver SEO services in Kolkata to increase their clients’ business by increasing their search visibility on various social networking sites like Google and Bing.

Still now Google is the most used social networking site and Facebook is the most used social media. Most of the digital marketing companies target to promote their product’s advertisement on Google and Facebook. Social Media marketing companies in Kolkata always prefer to post their advertisements on Facebook. But digital marketing companies should understand which digital platform is better to increase their business?

Facebook Advertisements vs. Google Advertisements:-

Google advertisements are known as ‘Ad work’. Both social networking sites i.e. Google and Facebook prefer the Pay per Click (PPC) concept while they post any advertisements on behalf of the companies. Online marketing companies always prefer to use these platforms to promote their products and services. They also announce their discounts also on these sites. 

  • Paying Systems of Facebook Ads And Google Ads: Both Facebook and Google Ads support the concept of Pay per Check or (PPC). This process is very convenient for advertisers to understand. The advertiser necessitates retaining the amount of the price that the advertiser is ready to pay.
  • Size of Audiences: Both Google and Facebook handle a total of 5 million audiences every day. The SEO agencies who provide SEO services in Kolkata contemplate their targeted audiences from these sites and they should keep in mind that the product which they are promoting should be attractive to their targeted audiences.
  • Targeted Audiences- The SEO agencies target their fixed audiences to increase their business. It can be other marketing strategies to expand their business. The targeting options of these sites allow the advertisers to list some audiences who show the same interests in particular products.

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