What Are The Five Emerging Mobile App Development Trends?

The excessive usage of mobile phones has made most of the companies for Web Application and Development Kolkata develop innovative mobile applications too.

The use of mobile applications has exploded over the last few years. With the increasing adoption of the smartphones, more customers are using the apps for ordering food, for booking tickets, booking hotels, perform banking transactions, paying bills, listening to the favorite music anytime, etc. The world is considered to be a digital sphere today. Keeping in touch with relatives and friends across boundaries is not a chore anymore.

As the number of mobile applications is increasing, the capability to perform hither to the difficult tasks is also rising. The growing demand the functional apps has resulted in pervasive interest in the development of the mobile apps, especially among the companies known for Web Application and Development Kolkata. There are some innovative mobile app trends that the mobile app developers must keep a lookout for. From the latest technologies to the previous ones, a gush of programming languages has loads in store not only for the developers but for the consumers as well.

  1. Cloud Technology Ultimately Finds Its Place: – From the standard consumers to the tech professionals, all have heard about the advantages of cloud technology. In the present day, cloud computing is not only swift, inexpensive, and easy to deploy but also creates an excellent working argument for both the small establishments to the large-scale enterprises. One Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox are the tips of an ice berg. In this year, new powerful apps can be expected that can directly run on cloud and occupy minimal space in the phone’s storage. Syncing the data that is working on the app and continuing it again from the tablet or the desktop may also see a vast acceptance.
  2. Enterprise Mobile Applications Get A Fresh Lease of Life: – It is not a secret anymore that more developers are now gravitating towards the development of enterprise mobile apps. The reason is that the mobile applications that make it easy to keep the large teams connected and tracks the KPIs and key metrics, are now needed by every small and big businesses to some extent. Enterprise application stores are predicted to be considered as the next vital thing because with more and more B2B interaction, a remarkable prospect will be offered to the new developers.
  3. Location-Based Wi-Fi Services have become a commonplace: – Beacon technology and mobile location services are now introduced to blur the edges between offline and online advertising, mainly in the retail sector. In the upcoming years, Wi-Fi may be used much more than just for accessing the internet. The developers are expected to follow suit by building the apps that take advantage of the location-based Wi-Fi services.
  4. More APIs To Hasten Innovation: – As one heads towards the future where the mobile application development calls for rapid development across varieties of target devices, the API-first loom guarantees both the flexibility and the agility with the application can function. The hottest mobile application trend is the ability with which the developers leverage a wide catalogue of REST or JSON APIs, thus, ensuring lots of backend tasks like retrieving information, data storage, etc are taken care of.
  5. App Security Becomes Mandatory: – With swift technological encroachments being created daily, app security along with the general smartphone security is the primary concern. Presently, most of the apps in Google app store have been hacked and this thing is not that much pretty on the iOS side too. Hence, with Microsoft, Google, and Apple all growing the ventures making security a major target for the upcoming years, the developers providing Kolkata Mobile Application Solutions, also require to focus on the cyber security and implement the new-generation security traits within the apps created.