Here’s How To Practice LinkedIn Marketing: Tips For 2022

LinkedIn is one of the many social media portals. It is something that almost every social media marketing agency in Kolkata uses. Check out some tips for it. 

Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn is a job portal. At present, it has more than 830 million active users across 200 countries. As a result, it has become the largest professional networking platform in the world. However, there are certain things about LinkedIn marketing that a digital marketing company in Kolkata should know. 

LinkedIn Marketing Practices For 2022

Linkedin Page And Profile

The biggest difference between a LinkedIn page and a profile is the amount of privacy. While pages are kept public, profiles are mostly private. Moreover, pages let you promote your business as a unique entity. But in order to follow a profile, you will first have to send a connection request. The purpose of LinkedIn pages and Profiles are different. 

Post Brand Content

Content marketing has become an imperative part of any digital marketing strategy. LinkedIn’s content platform effectively allows brands to engage with each other in professional aspects. A lot of brands lose exposure simply because they do not post on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn Retargeted Ads 

Emerging as an up-and-coming force in the realm of social media marketing, LinkedIn is surely helpful. This indicates that there is enormous potential for conversions via this platform. It is due to LinkedIn that one can retarget visitors who visited your website previously. In the B2B world, leads through LinkedIn have better chances of fulfiling your sales. 

InMail Gets Good Responses

InMail is nothing but a premium LinkedIn feature that lets you message directly to other users. Furthermore, these users may or may not be your connection. Although it is not free, every LinkedIn marketer must have it along with other practices. Generally, InMail has a response rate of 10-25 per cent. This is significantly greater than average emails. 

Take Part In Their Network

LinkedIn primarily focuses on providing a professional network to its users. Hence, you must engage and participate in the network rather than just selling. Research the potential wants and needs of your consumers. Ensure that you can offer them some sort of value before actually selling something. If you are unable to answer everyone personally, just keep guiding them through your network. 

With these practices, LinkedIn has become one of the best advertising platforms. 


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