How Can You Boost Likes, Followers & Impressions On Instagram?


Instagram has become the most popular social media platform recently. Every social media marketing company in Kolkata is working to attract more clients to it. 

In today’s world, if you are not active on Instagram, then you are missing out on some very important things in life. Whenever a social media agency in Kolkata pronounces the term ‘trend,’ Instagram posts come to our minds automatically. This article is a guide to increase likes, followers, and impressions on Instagram in no time. 

How To Drive More Likes And Followers To My Instagram Page?

In the midst of the chaos of the pandemic, every human has been portraying their hidden talents. Someone’s baking and some others are showing artistic skills. Instagram has helped a lot of them to become popular. 

  1. Use The Right Hashtags

First things first, use appropriate hashtags that increase your visibility. Instagram is a world of tags and keywords. And if you are able to use them in the right manner, then you are the king.  

This is the strategy that most social media marketing services in Kolkata optimize while promoting a brand and its products/services. 

  1. Tag Users Who Are Relevant:

Imagine creating a post with all necessary hashtags, good content, and an outstanding caption but still not getting enough views. Obviously, nobody would love that.

Make sure you are tagging the relevant and related users to your post. They can be anyone from a movie hero to a sportsman or a business person. In this case, you can take help from a digital marketing agency in Kolkata. 

  1. Post Regularly But Qualitatively:

Posting regularly on Instagram is important to keep your audience’s attention to your page. Clients seem to lose interest very rapidly in this fast-changing world. 

However while doing so, ensure that you are not losing on the quality. If you think you cannot maintain quality and haste at the same time, take some time. But for being the best on Instagram, never compromise with the quality. At least, that’s what each digital marketing company in Kolkata believes. 

  1. Ask People For A Feedback:

It is possible that your posts may have a drawback. Try asking users on the comment box about their opinions and recommendations which can help to bring out the best in you. Also, never respond to a user’s comment harshly as it can reduce your followers significantly. 


Using these tips in a righteous manner will never let you face a downfall. Get the best digital marketing services in Kolkata from Agts India. They are a leading name in the digital marketing world. Head over to them today and always be on top.