How Does User Experience Invigorate Your SEO Practices?

Do you want to know how a positive user experience can help you in reinforcing SEO strategies? Discover what the best SEO company in Kolkata has to say about it. 

User experience is a crucial metric for search engine optimization. Besides, the correct application of it can make an impeccable difference in your SEO practices. Know some of the most important factors. 

SEO And User Experience: A Discussion 

  • Loading Speed 

The chance of the bounce rate of a website increases with every second it takes to load. The initial step for offering a positive user experience is paying attention to enhanced loading speed. You can increase the loading speed by the strategies given below:

  1. Reduce the size of HTML, JavaScript and CSS files by enabling file compression
  2. Optimize the code by eliminating space, commas and unnecessary characters
  3. Optimize browser caching to avoid the browser from reloading the entire page
  4. Remove render-blocking JavaScript
  • Simple Site Navigation

Robust site architecture is the dream of every website owner. But it does not necessarily have to include complex navigation. Simplified navigation is a top priority for those seeking a positive user experience. It further helps the visitors to easily find the things they have been looking for. To simplify your website’s navigation:

  1. Keep it consistent across all the web pages
  2. Include a search bar on the website so that visitors can easily find out 
  3. Also, ensure all the links are active and lead to the accurate landing page
  • Mobile Responsiveness

In 2021, mobile devices gained 54.8% of global website traffic. In such a situation, the mobile responsiveness of a website plays an integral role in improving the user experience. Hence, strategies that can make your website mobile-friendly are:

  1. Select a mobile-responsive template or theme
  2. Optimize short forms with chosen fields
  3. Minimize the number of pop-ups and allow the users to exit freely
  4. Make the website design thumb-friendly. For example, the internal links, images, etc. must be large enough to tap using a thumb
  5. Optimize large as well as readable fonts and use sufficient white space
  • URL Structure 

It is significant to implement a user-friendly URL structure. Additionally, an unorganized URL enables the user to recall it and type it in the search bar. A few components of a perfect URL structure consist of:

  1. Eliminate unnecessary characters
  2. Make it short and simple for driving memorability
  3. Optimize a popular domain extension such as .net, .com, .in
  4. Never practice keyword stuffing. However, you can optimize a single keyword that is relevant to your brand

To Conclude 

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