Ideas On How Frequently Should Your Brand Post On Social Media

The most common question brands ask a social media agency in Kolkata is how often they should post. Read this blog and know the importance of regular posting. 

Not maintaining an active presence on social media can result in your customers navigating away from your website. However, posting too often can give your followers an overwhelming feeling. Doing this for too long may also result in them unfollowing you. For a social media marketing company in Kolkata to flourish, neither scenario is good. 

How Often Should You Post On Multiple Social Media Channels?


Recent studies are proof that 10,000 followers witness an increasing number of clicks when posting more than once each day. Brands with less than 10k followers receive 50% lesser clicks per post when they publish it twice per day. Facebook prioritizes content from family and friends in users’ news feeds. The expert tip to post on Facebook is to stick to one post every day or five posts every week. 


The average lifetime of a tweet lasts between 15-20 minutes. After this period, the feeds of your followers receive ample new posts that yous ultimately go down. Hence to fight the high turnover rate, tweet periodically throughout the day. But remember not to overload your users with tweets. 

Since most retweets can happen within an hour of publishing, such a higher daily frequency can pay off. Additionally, your Twitter posting strategy must depend absolutely on your goals. 


Instagram may feel a little intimidating for small businesses because of its dependent nature on visuals. Even the biggest brands on Instagram only post an average of 1.5 times per day. This social channel is the one where your audience size matters in your ideal posting frequency. If your audience is expecting three posts a day and they only get one, you are surely going to see an engagement drop.


This social media platform recommends posting 20 months every month. This makes it an average of once per business day. It is a sensible strategy because followers typically visit LinkedIn during the standard workweek. The most significant thing to remember while posting on LinkedIn isn’t how you post. It is the type of content you are sharing.

Since LinkedIn is a professional networking website, the content you post here must be industry news or job opportunities. The aim here is to educate your followers on the latest ongoings in the industry and enable more productivity in their lives. 


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