Important Features of Android Oreo: 8 that you Must Know

Maximum mobile application development in Kolkata takes about the latest Android version Oreo. It’s an OS including handful of traits that must be checked.Important Features of Android Oreo: 8 that you Must Know

You already must know that Google has launched the latest version of Android i.e. Android Oreo: 8. It’s definitely has increased the curiosity among people and they must want to know its features as well. With this new Android version, it actually helped to increase the security level as well as new features were added to the list as well.  Also, Google has mentioned that there is a particular device for Android Oreo flash files so that developers can use it perfectly. So, even the Mobile Application Development in Kolkata need to know more about it so that they can make the apps which are compatible with these OS. 

  • Faster Boot Times – One of the first features of this Android Oreo is it boost faster. With this Android Oreo system, you can see that the booting time has reduced to 18 seconds instead of 50 seconds. Thus, as the booting system reduced so much that the device becomes more faster. It was updated and installed without making the device off. Once your installation is done, the device will automatically ask for a restart.
  • A Notification Dots – Android apps that will have a new notification in it will appear with a dot at the top of the app so that it able to notify you. Though, there are some devices where you will get alike features. But, with the help of the notification dot, you can actually able to see the notification with a long press on the dot.
  • Auto Fill and Smart Selection of Text – This OS also introduce the auto fill feature that helps the operating system as well as the apps with auto fill API. If you save the email id or passwords of your account then Google can easily able to retrieve it.  There are also different software of password manages installed that are working along with the API. This OS also provides a very smart selection of text. It can automatically able to recognize the phone number as well as address. Once you select any kind of text immediately a call option will display on your screen. For address, it will take you directly to the Google maps.
  • The Picture in Picture Mode – Even the E-commerce Web Solutions in Kolkata needs to know more about the feature of this OS. One of the most interesting features of this OS is the Picture in Picture. This actually minimizes the video into a tiny window and it helps you to work on other aspects at the same time.
  • Google Play Music Notifications – You have also got a new notification in the music player as well. When you are listening to music on your phone, the dominant songs in your playlist will take up that colour. So instead of getting into those regular menus you can easily able to get some new colourful notifications with the every song you play with a different colour.