How to Improve Your PPC Performance with Website Designs?

Website DesignsHere are some factors on website designs that you can implement to improve your PPC performance. Read this blog to know more.

The internet is growing rapidly over the years. People pay more attention to a business website nowadays. Even businesses pay more attention to PPC performance. But, are you doing everything possible to improve that PPC performance? There is a misconception that PPC is all about ad copy, keyword bids, and conversion tracking. However, this is not the truth. Your website designs pay a vital role in determining the PPC performance as well. PPC is pay per click, but if your landing page is not impressive, then the campaign can go in vain.

The design trends have been pushed towards endless creativity- abandoning the old grids and stock photos. Vibrant illustrations, radiant colour schemes and asymmetrical layouts are replacing them. With technology gradually advancing, websites are becoming smarter.

Here are the latest designing trends that can improve your PPC performance:-

  • Mobile Adaptability:-

    It was in the year of 2018 that Google first introduced the “mobile-first indexing”. This is solely dependant on prioritizing links and content from the website pages on mobile phones. In the year 2019, website designers are prioritizing the mobile version of different websites. Moreover, one simply consider SEO to be the prime factor dictating the rules of web design. As the usage of mobile phones increases, good search experience and the impact of clear, attractive visuals are also necessary considerations.

  • Speed:-

    The website follows the three-second rule- the time limit within which all the users decide whether to stay or leave a website. Research says that almost 50% of the users require their website to load faster, like in three seconds but not less. Furthermore, the Speed Update algorithm declared by Google stated that the designers should reduce the page loading time since it is the only way to improve the search engine ranking. Therefore, the speed should always be the second important consideration.

  • Personalized Illustration:-

    The visual effects of the illustration are 7 times better on the user than that of ordinary photography. This illustration can be suitably applied to the homepage of any website, waiting for an interface, new user guidance, progress page etc. The personalized form of illustration is used by the companies to convey the characteristics of the brand, thereby becoming increasingly popular. Being an integral form of visual communicative tool required for modern websites, these illustrations are more comprehensive and practical than the abstract designs. With increasing brand features conveying a deeper brand concept, uniquely created illustrations and bolder colours- this leaves an excellent impression on the user.  The visual effect of illustration on users has seven times more impact than ordinary photography.

  • CSS3 Animation:-

    The field of animation has seen a soaring rise. The Forbes Web Design Trends has stated that an animation is a powerful tool and heavily popular among designers. The use of CSS3 technology makes traditional web designing vivid and easier to utilize at work. Although there is more room for development in this technique, it has become important to web designing. Also considered very logical, it contributes manifolds to the sector of website designing.

  • Dynamic Full-Screen Video Background:-

    This is one of the best ways to draw the notice of the others- creating a dynamic video background. This is because moving objects tend to be more attractive. Compared to still photos or text writings, short videos easily capture the attention of the audience and also provide them with more information. This way, the user can quickly get a grasp about the different web page characteristics including the product. The implementation of video increases user time which is beneficial for SEO and conversion rates. The Facebook video posts are solid proof of this. Moreover, in this era of diversified information, the integration of such applications are gradually increasing.

  • Bold Typography:-

    Besides the layout of the web page, you also need to display clear content. More than 95% of the information on a website page is text. Typesetting is second to images and colour matching. Bold, adventurous typography impresses the audience easily. You should carefully select fonts so that they convey the proper emotion. This way, one can also build a powerful visual hierarchy. In fact, big companies are beginning to employ their own exclusive font as a symbol of recognizing their brand.

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