How to Increase the Organic Traffic of Your Website?

website optimizationTo speed up your website is important. If you want to satisfy your customers, one second is important for you and good website optimization may help you achieve that.

If the visitors of your website face just one-second delay in loading page, it might result in.

  1. 12% fewer page views
  2. 15% decrease in customer satisfaction
  3. 8% loss in conversion rate

These few seconds of delay for poor website optimization would make a huge impact in attracting your customers. A fast website is important, not only to achieve top rankings in Google but to keep your profit margin high.

Stats show that 45% of customers want a page to load within a second or two. If the website takes 4 seconds or more, 48% of the customers relinquish the page. It means if your page takes more than 3 seconds to load the website, a little less than half of your customers are gone. It will affect your conversion rate in a huge amount. 80% of the customers say that they would not return to that poor page. There are lots of factors that cause your website page taking lots of time to load. So, there are different steps you can take to boost up the loading speed of your page.

Here are Some Tips to Boost Your Website Page Loading Speed:-

  • First, you have to minimize the number of HTTP requests. The more the HTTP request, the more time it takes to load. 75% of the loading time goes into downloading different parts of the page.
  • Now you have an idea of how many HTTP requests are there on your website. These are the most important files to determine the appearance of your page. Now, you can “minify” and combine the files to reduce the size of each file.
  • If you are done with then you can optimize the way of loading files. CSS and Javascripts can be loaded in two different ways. Synchronously and asynchronously.
  • If you choose synchronous loading, they load one at a time. But if you choose Asynchronous loading, Some of them will load simultaneously. Asynchronous loading will help you to boost up your speed.

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