iOS vs. Android – Which App Is Suitable To Build First?

It is a very prolonged question in the world of app market to decide that which app is better to develop first if your company has the structure and resources to build both the app. Apart from guidance another important factor i.e. cost is responsible why the answer varies. For instance, if the company is very large and the target audience is different than an early start up then the platform will be different. Moreover, if it’s a medically oriented app then its platform and structure are definitely different from other apps. So depending on the requirement and also on the strategy it is important that proper mobile application solutions must be chosen. Here are some factors that will help to decide that which mobile app must develop first:-

Mobile Application Solutions

  • Mobile Traffic – Before deciding which mobile app platform needs to be chosen by the mobile app designing company in Kolkata, it is important that you should consider which kind of device actually brings traffic to your website. If you see that your traffic is more from an iOS device than it is better to develop an app that is compatible with such phones or vice versa in case of the Android phone.
  • Tablet Friendly – Another way to determine which app to build first then we should consider the factor about using the app in a tablet. Nowadays the demand for using tablets has increased immensely. Many people even are opting for Android tablets as well. But if we talk about app usage or its facility then no doubt iPad is the best. So, if you determine that your audience is more tablet user then no doubt you should focus on building iOS apps.
  • Demographics – Now if we see that Android has the largest platform in the market. No matter whether people are having low or high income, everyone is finding Android to be more users friendly. While iOS users are particularly found in some areas.
  • Price – Obviously it is must that you have to pay a certain amount of money when you want to build a certain app for your brand. If you are sure that your client will pay for more than it is better to develop an iOS app. But when you know that you need to prepare something good with a very small budget then you must opt for an android app.
  • Android app features vs. iOS app features – If you want to include more features in your app then it is better that you opt for Android. It so because the developer has more access in operating the system compare to the iOS.
  • Testing the app– Before launching the app it is important that the developer should properly check the functionality of the app. Android generally has many kinds of screen resolutions, so it is important that you prepare one that is compatible with all the screens. While the case is just the opposite when it is about iOS app.