Know-How to Create Innovative, Prolific & Original Taglines

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What is the best way for brands to attract customer attention? Answer: a unique, catchy taglines. How to create one? Hear from a  digital marketing agency in Kolkata.

Memorable taglines lead to memorable brands.

The internet makes the market vast, with overflowing opportunities to tap into more customers with just a click. Competition too is increasing at a rapid rate. Also, according to a digital marketing company, whose job is to help businesses create a positive footprint online, a tagline helps in creating a brand’s identity. 

1. What Is the Actual Purpose of A Tagline?

A tagline is a part of your brand’s identity. It helps also, customers understand what your business stands for. Also, it is the major highlight of your company’s mission and purpose. The right tagline sets you a class apart from the crowd and is a concise way to define your brand. 

2. How to Create A Positive, Catchy Tagline?

A digital marketing company has a group of professionals ranging from developers, SEO experts, social media managers, graphic designers, copywriters, and also, content creators. We asked one of our content writers’ about what is the secret behind a successful tagline? 

Here are some tips to create innovative taglines from the best creative mind:-

1. Keep it Simple and Devoid of Clutter:-

You can make the biggest impression with minimum words. If you closely inspect, you will realize that bigger brands and companies make catchy slogans with just 4-5 words. Also, this ensures that the brand targets the correct people and is clear about what they offer. There is no point beating about the bush. All you need is one clear thought that will seamlessly blend with your company’s vision. 

2. Tell A Story:-

Storytelling forms a huge part of your marketing strategies. Ask your nearest social media marketing company in Kolkata, about how storytelling has become a key ingredient in attracting viewers’ attention. The stronger and compelling your story is, the more sales will it generate. So, if your tagline tells a story, you have already won half your battle of striking a chord with your clients. 

3. Implement Some Power Words:-

Certain words are much more proactive and compel your customers to take action. You can also, phrase your words in such a way that it invokes emotion. Words like: intense, massive, mouth-watering, indulgent, heartwarming, captivating, etc all nurture a certain kind of feeling.  These words have the power to motivate your clients. Moreover, catchy words that rhyme with others in the phrase have a higher chance of resonating with your clients well. 

Sometimes we all hit a roadblock and our creative eligibility drops deep down.  A little aid can always be gratifying. So, if you get stuck in the entire process of creating a catchy tagline for your brand, Avant-Garde technologies the best digital marketing company near you, is always ready to help.

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