Leveraging Google Maps For Business! Tips From Digital Marketers

agtsindia- Google Maps For Business

Digital marketing services in Kolkata often use google maps as a navigation tool for businesses. It has immense potential that enables brands to reach out to their customers. It also includes a significant part of marketing strategy.

To create brand awareness for the target customers, digital marketing companies in Kolkata make use of several marketing strategies. Leveraging google maps in business is one of the most effective marketing tools. 

What Are Some Of The Most Useful Features Of Google Maps?

  • Message Customers From Google Maps:

Brands can message their clients directly from Google Maps. You can simply turn on the messaging option from the settings menu of the application. This will enable clients to communicate effectively with the business from search results while they view a profile at Google My Business. The steps to turn on the messaging option are:

  1. Open the application Google Maps from your smartphone or tablet
  2. Now Go to updates>messages>business
  3. Then tap on the Settings option. And also, turn on messaging
  • Submitting Images To Google Maps Street View:

You can easily contribute images to the Street View Of Google. The records of footage and their subsequent publication on the application are then automatically put to rotation, position and sequence by Google. 

Digital marketing agencies generally use this particular characteristic for businesses that don’t possess attractive street-view coverages. 

  • Contribution Of Local Guides:

Google Maps rely on the local guides for writing reviews, adding or editing details, answering queries, and also, sharing images. You can easily join the local guide programme using your personal Google accounts. By contributing consistently as a local guide, Google provides you with a Local Guide badge. 

You will be able to develop a niche audience. Moreover, your followers will start following your business if your major focus remains on business development. 

  • Displays Accessible Routes:

Businesses nowadays are becoming attentive towards their clients’ accessibility desires. Google maps enable these facilities by allowing brands to enhance the most accessible routes for visiting the physical location of business. Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Type the name of your business in the Google Maps search bar
  2. Tap on the direction and also, choose the public transportation icon
  3. Select modes and also, tap on wheelchair accessible


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