How to Make the E-Commerce Sites More User-Friendly?

ecommerce websiteE-commerce is the in thing today and is a popular medium to improve commercial profitability. Here’s a write-up on features of a user-friendly e-commerce website.

E-commerce is the way of the world today. Most commercial businesses have walked the e-commerce way to improve their business and ensure a better customer reach. But amidst the stiff competition that is all around, it is not easy to catch the attention of the customers, keep them engaged as well as convert their site view into sales figures. It is a difficult and competitive market but with careful planning by the digital marketing company, all this is possible. So what should ideally be the features of a user-friendly e-commerce website?

A Good E-Commerce Should Ideally have the Following Plus Features to Make It Commercially Successful and User-Friendly:-

Brand Identification:-

The website should have a clear brand identity – in terms of logo, theme colour, specific fonts, etc so that the customer easily is able to identify the brand just by glancing at the website. This helps the customer to relate with the brand and products every time he/she searches for related sites in the site engine.


Ideally a website should have its own identity and uniqueness that stand apart from its competitors. If the website looks much similar to the website of the competitor, then it fails to create a unique identity in the mind of the customer. It is rather wiser to create something unique – in terms of naming, placement of features, stand-out colours etc.

User-Friendly Interface:-

A website that is ‘clutter-free’, neat and provides the customer an ‘easy-to-locate’ features type interface is always appealing. The user is able to quickly able to find what he is looking for. This comfort level would compel the users to repeatedly visit the site.

Proper Placement of Features:-

Hot deals, new products, new features, new deals must occupy prominent places so that it catches the attention of the customer and the customer is informed about what new things are on offer for him. This builds not just customer knowledge and interest but also improves the probability of the customer availing the new offers and trying out the new products.

Build Interest & Information:-

A good e-commerce site helps build interest about the product and provide additional information about the product and related things. Blogs are one such feature which can precisely help do that. The better the customer is informed clearly an interest develops in the mind of the customer towards the product. Also if the features are interesting enough a customer would revisit the site again and again to improve knowledge and interest.

Easy Processes:-

Whether Sign-in or sign-up or making purchases, the entire user experience should be smooth and hassle-free. Too much of complications can put off a customer’s interest and he may not be interested in revisiting the site. Clear mentioning of policies, prominent display of helplines and easy processes encourage customers to revisit the site again and again.

These are little ways by which e-commerce sites can be made more user-friendly and more profitable for the business sites as well.