Make Work-From-Home More Streamlined with these Effective Tips


A reputed digital marketing company near you answers how to strike a balance between your professional & personal life while working from home. Read and become a pro.

‘Will working from home be the new future?’ This was the first question that a team member asked us, after being confined at home for almost 4 months now. 

The answer to this is still very vague and will require more serious considerations about the current market scenario. However, being one of the best digital marketing companies in Kolkata, we can say that opening offices will depend on the safety precautions availed by the company. The employees need to feel secure while returning to work and their productivity should not take a downturn with fears of getting infected by the novel coronavirus. 

How Is the New Normal Affecting Work-life Balance? 

Currently, the need of the hour is to continue working from home. But how are you balancing work and personal life? Most employees complain that the lockdown and the whole WFH schedule has given rise to more pressure and is adding to the stress. The endless lists of emails, the overflowing task lists, the overpowering deadlines coupled with personal commitments at home lead to a serious toll on both mental and physical health. 

Moreover working from home can have many distractions, you feel demotivated, lazy, or house ordeals affect you. A professional from a social media marketing agency in Kolkata also pointed out about being influenced by social platforms. Heightened social media activity can make you unproductive and casual about your work ethics. 

So, what is the solution to streamline work, become more productive, and at the same time contribute to household chores?

The Following Tips Can Be Beneficial, Check these Out:-

1. Set Your Home-Office:-

The first and the foremost thing you should do is have a dedicated workspace. Clear all the clutter and find a secluded space in your house that you can call your home office. Arrange your laptop or desktop, bring your stationeries, have a bottle of water nearby, and now the only thing you will require is concentration.

2. One Key Task At A Time:-

Planning your course of work will bring back your mental peace. This is highly recommended. There are a number of task organizing tools that can help you in this process. So, it becomes easier to know what your priorities are for the day.

3. Keeping Up With Team Members:-

Employers and higher officials have a significant duty to build flexible teamwork. You too should create a rapport with your colleagues even from the comfort of your home. Engaging in informative group chats, picking up on their flow of work, brainstorming together to get new ideas for projects will enhance your motivation too. 

4. Connecting through Virtual Platforms:-

Conducting business in this new normal is not that difficult anymore, thanks to digitalization. Not being able to converse and meet physically can naturally make you lose track of time and shift your focus. If you ask the best social media marketing company about the best tools to connect you to the virtual world, you will hear a list of names. These include Zoom, Google meet, Google duo, and some others. 

We, at Avant-Garde Technologies, have a dedicated team of working professionals who are efficiently managing their WFH schedule. How? By having a set goal to challenge themselves to bring the best to the table always.

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