Native or Xamarin? Which is the right approach to choose for app development?

When it is about choosing the right mobile application then certainly you might get confused to decide what kind of software you should opt for your application. Generally, when the mobile apps designer company often get confused when they speak with the client to decide between native and a multipurpose Xamarin software in the app. The choice has become much more difficult when after March 2016; Xamarin has totally got changed and was actually supported by Microsoft. Thus, the entire community around the application development actually got benefited and the support is considered as worth remaining.

Mobile Apps Development

But on the other hand if we talk about Native software then it has also served useful purposes and also an iOS and the Android developer will definitely rate it high when we talk about mobile app development. Both the software is actually providing effective solutions but actually, they are quite different from each other.

Before the introduction of Xamarin in 2011, there was actually two option for mobile development which actually quite different from each other in terms of price and also quality. There are different kinds of platforms that are used in Native software like Windows, iOS, Android and also for cross-platform development HTML, CSS, JavaScript is actually used. By, using the cross-platform actually, the companies are gaining an advantage by not spending money on each of the platforms. But, this has totally changed when Xamarin was evolved.

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a mobile app platform that was actually invented on the basis of Mono. It’s basically an open source realization while in simple terms it means that Xamarin is definitely effective for translating any code into any kind of native codes for any kind of platforms that are much popular.

What does this actually mean?

Using Xamarin for mobile application development for different kind of mobile platforms which means that client can work with one team for all their requirements. Microsoft, the biggest software company now have included Xamarin license which is also a part of Visual Studio license, where there no extra price is actually required. In this particular software, there is a code sharing process in every application. Most of the codes around 70% of the entire code are actually used in running Windows, iOS and Android can easily be shared. Thus, this entire process actually saves money as well as time.

Definitely, this sounds wonderful and especially this software is really beneficial for enterprise solutions because in this particular app logic is very easily coded, bugs are also found very easily as well as can be soon fixed. Also, the libraries can easily be updated and the entire system works properly in all kind of Android devices as well as platforms.

On a whole, if you want to choose between Xamarin and native development then you must analyze the project requirement. If you required an enterprise solution then definitely Xamarin is a preferred choice over Native.