Never Make These Social Media Marketing Mistakes Again!

Social Media Marketing Mistakes

There are some common mistakes that almost every social media agency in Kolkata makes. Thank God, we know how to avoid them. Check out this blog to gain ideas.

Social media platforms are the most unforgiving. If you keep repeating the same mistake, you will start losing your potential customers. Various social media agencies can distract you. But the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata, like Agts India, guarantees you success. 

Social Media Mistakes You Need To Stop Right Away

  1. Prioritizing quantity over quality 

Focusing more on quantity will always let you go down. Instead of posting 3 to 4 times a day, reduce the frequency. But remember that the quality should never go down. Posting a lot can be a pitfall that takes down your audience group. They would not even think twice before unfollowing/unsubscribing you. Brands posting three to five times a day annoy customers with repetitive content. 

  1. Being present on all social media platforms 

There is no harm in testing all social media platforms and then selecting the best one. However, the harm is when your attention gets diverted to a zillion of tasks. Every social media marketing agency in Kolkata must understand that the fewer channels, the higher the quality of content. Ensure to access a few social media profiles and conduct marketing only on those. 

  1. Presenting monotonous content 

Being monotonous never really pays off. If you are marketing your brand on different platforms, be ready to design unique content for each one of them. There are tons of competitors waiting outside to overtake you. Hence, don’t make a small mistake and give them a big opportunity. Simply, share tailored content and provide your audience with something new every day. 

  1. Hurrying up

Your social media post must not give the audience a feeling of hurriedness. There are times when there is nothing to post. So, don’t post at all. What’s the point of posting something irrelevant which will simply divert your audience’s attention? Plan a good strategy for content, assign relevant keywords and see the magic happening. 

  1. Not understanding your brand’s motive

First things first, understand why your brand needs an active social media presence. This will help you gain an idea of who your target audience is. Further, identify what kind of content are you going to post as well as their durations. Planning everything in advance will favour you in the long run. 


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