An Outline on Different Categories of Web Hosting Services

Recently the word Web Hosting is very common to hear as a term which is easy and can be associated with the internet. It is very easy nowadays to transfer any kind of information easily within some seconds and for this you definitely need web hosting services. There are many web hosting company in Kolkata that provides brilliant services and manages many servers and their software, security and looks after many things related to a website.


As there are many categories of web hosting services, it is important to know how each of them is structured as well as about the benefits:-

  • Shared Hosting – As synonym with the name, Shared hosting services means you are sharing a space on the web server with multiple users. Here the clients actually share the total cost of the server space. It is good for those companies who have just start their business and this can be an affordable solution for these small companies.
  • Dedicated Hosting – A web IT Solutions Company can also provide dedicated hosting service for any business which needs a unique kind of sharing server. This kind of hosting service is best suited for large establishment as they need to be dedicated according to the needs of your hosting. It is always opined by experts that you need to choose a very experienced web hosting company as you need to know a lot about the administration of this hosting service. The service provider handles all the important task related to this task which means that company for whom this hosting service is used do not need to take any kind of burden.
  • VPS Hosting – A VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting service is a very popular one as it could be balanced very well. It is also a shared server but the process is different. The most striking feature of this service is that the server can be divided into different parts for different users. Another benefit of this server is that these can be well configured and also very flexible. When using this service, you also keep in mind that your account is also related with a virtual kind of a machine but still you can change a lot of things without affecting anyone else.
  • Cloud Hosting – Cloud hosting will allow to include multiple servers in your network. This benefits you a lot as it leads to making the server more accessible and also you will get benefits related to security.

It is advisable that it is better to choose the web hosting services by keeping in mind the kind of work the business establishment is all about. If you know what your site needs then it will be easier to choose the right web hosting services.