Why Is It Necessary to Analyse Mobile Apps Intermittently?

mobile app developmentToday’s business is based on mobile app development but it is also important to analyse the performance. Here’s why you need app performance analysis.

One of the quick ways to spread your business and improve your customer reach is through mobile apps. Since it is that period of time when everything is mobile-orient, the customer finds it very comfortable if there is a mobile app in the relevant field. This is why every business venture is now focussing on app development to improve their reach. If you too have developed a relevant app then it is a good move. However, it is very important to track the performance of your app from time to time. For this, there is app analytics which can analyse the app on the basis of performance of the app, analyze the market reach of the app and the overall efficacy of the app as well. But if you are wondering why this analysis is important then read on: Continue reading Why Is It Necessary to Analyse Mobile Apps Intermittently?

How PPC Can Be Beneficial for Small Business?

best-ppc-company-in-kolkataPPC is a useful marketing platform to increase business revenue. It is an easy way to reach customers online. For small business owners PPC can be beneficial to gain more ROI with less investment.

Whenever you search any Google pages or any other website you must have noticed some ads appear on your screen alongside other search results. If you click on that the advertisers pay each time for one click. So, PPC ( Pay Per Click) is a new advertisement model in which advertisers pay each time their ads get clicked.

There are different kinds of PPC Ads, but the most familiar types are paid search Ads. Whenever you are visiting any commercial sites, for example, “Tailor near me”, “Dentist clinic near me”, “Best restaurants in this area”, etc. you will face these PPC ads popping to your screen. All these searches activate these PPC Ads. Display advertising and remarketing are the other forms of PPC advertising. Continue reading How PPC Can Be Beneficial for Small Business?

Five WordPress Plugins Which Can Help In Web Development

Web DevelopmentWordPress is an integral part of web development which in turn can be helped by plugins. Read here to know more about plugins that can advance your WordPress.

One of the best ways to build communication and improve business is through websites. This is the reason why web development is an important aspect of digital marketing today. And WordPress is definitely one of the most sought after platforms of websites. However, you also need to see to it that your WordPress post is boosted. For this, plugins are very important. Plugins are software that contains functions that can extend the functioning of your website or even add new features to it. Here are some WordPress plugins which can enhance your WordPress web content. Continue reading Five WordPress Plugins Which Can Help In Web Development

How to Increase the Organic Traffic of Your Website?

website optimizationTo speed up your website is important. If you want to satisfy your customers, one second is important for you and good website optimization may help you achieve that.

If the visitors of your website face just one-second delay in loading page, it might result in.

  1. 12% fewer page views
  2. 15% decrease in customer satisfaction
  3. 8% loss in conversion rate

These few seconds of delay for poor website optimization would make a huge impact in attracting your customers. A fast website is important, not only to achieve top rankings in Google but to keep your profit margin high. Continue reading How to Increase the Organic Traffic of Your Website?