AGTS Salutes Google’s Yogic Initiatives for Awareness

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A recent initiative by Google confirms their intention of celebrating the world’s yoga day by making people, especially the younger minds aware of the beneficiaries of doing yoga. The bells are too high due to the arriving International Yoga Day. When the Capital city-state of India, Delhi will be witnessing a glaring effort of thousands including that of the Prime Minster Narendra Modi. As the news, published online came to uplift India’s cultural heritage beyond the borders, we, at Avant Grade Technologies would like to learn the newer tricks of blending CSR with the basics of Digital Marketing.

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Learning 2016’s Designing Patterns for Logo Services


Brand image is important for branding to companies. Whether it is a start-up or an existing bigger firm, the logo is essential like naming your company. It is something that will make you identifiable among all other agencies competing within the same industry. Equally convincing, engaging and creative are the logos alleviating you, the brand to face the storms of a competitive market hub. The intention is not to make you feel lost in the waves, among the thousands for which seeking aids from the specialist sounds better. Avant Garde Technologies, being a Web Design & Development Company tells you what are the trending designs of a logo for 2016.

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Know the Basics before Aiding From a Social Media Marketing Company


Markets are kissing success with the buzzes of digitization. Such that entrepreneurs are willing to know what the SMM is about? Even the change has accelerated the marketers to learn the technical ad-hoc’s of SMM. SMM, originally used as an acronym for Social media marketing which has populated in developing a new mode of socializing with audience and buyers.

However, brands are not well acquainted on how the very concept pave profitable earnings and create prospective buyers to facilitate their future growth. It is here, the Social Media Marketing Company steps in alleviating the brand get that competitive edge in the long run.
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4 Tips to face the New Adwords Mantra

SMS Marketing

With the latest update of Google on the expanded texts, it is important for the digital marketing world, especially for the SEO and the SMO’s to know how to face the new Adwords. Be it the SMS Marketing or any other areas the five tips becomes essential.

Checking on the long headlines:

Adwords are familiar with the process of examining the ads having long headlines. The sentences get its ending with the help of a punctuation mark. As a result, this makes that particular ad is eligible if its first line of description is highlighted just next to the headline. Also, the space between one to the thirty characters are limited to one particular highlight which one of the first benefit. Secondly, a dual combination of the headline one and the second one if examined would make better results. One can certainly use this in a particular project or content after the web hosting process is smoothly tackled. Continue reading 4 Tips to face the New Adwords Mantra