Popular Issues that Slow Down Your Android App

There are different kinds of apps which you can install in your app but according to Android Development Company Kolkata you can actually face problem in using it if the app gets slow.


Through Google Play Store you can able to avail a massive number of Android apps in your phone. There are such countless apps which you can install for free. But what if suddenly you face that while running the apps your phone gets slowed? Or as your phone has been slowed the app is also running slow? You definitely don’t want to miss the interesting facts about your app. So here are some reasons which the experts of Kolkata IT Web Solutions also believed the same.

Java Reflection- In Android development one of the most extremely used thing is reflection obviously. But it turns out badly when the reflection is actually used very in appropriately.  It goes overhead when being used with any kind of Android application.  If use a lot of data, then definitely this reflected type of elements will definitely slower down the app.  It’s better to opt for customized adapters.

Dependency Injection – It actually lowers down the amount that you need to code. With the help of the dependency injection the production happens to be better as well as the app runs smoothly as well. But keep a check on the potentiality of dependency injections so that the performance of the application increases.  For example, it’s better not to use Roboguice for dependency injections because it can slower down your app.

Hung Methods in Main App – hung methods are actually kind of a functionality that helps to delay the main UI and produce lags that any user of the app can able to notice.  It actually makes your app choppy, detracts from its superior quality as well as the professionalism which is associated with name of the app. Most of the Android Development Company Kolkata might suggest you to opt for Android’s Strict Mode if you get involved in these hung methods. There are actually multiple ways through which you can actually hung your app with the main thread and make sure that you know about all of them.

Class Loader.getResourceAsStream – This could definitely become your nightmare for many of your apps, libraries as well as for your SDKs. When it is actually came into existence this app is termed as Android unzips. It works along with APK files and verifies that whether the APK is properly signed or not. Thus, it makes the app very slow against its proportional size as per the APK file.

Libraries and SDK do not Perform Properly – There are many third-party libraries that actually perform really bad and even the SDKs as well. This is not at all a surprising thing because third party code is actually a code that can cause many pitfalls. But, if we talk about debugging performance then it’s not easy in a third-party library.