Precautions to Protect Your OS from Cyber Attack

As the entire world is talking about the recent cyber attack which just happened last week has affected globally around 150 countries. The ransomware which has affected the systems is named as ‘WannaCry” which is actually a flaw happened to be seen in the software of Microsoft. It has spread across various networks and unlocked major files.

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What is ransomware?

It is actually a cyber attack where the hackers take full control of the entire computer and block all the system until and unless a particular ransom is paid to the ransom which they demanded. The first of this kind of a case actually occurred in the year 2005 in U.S. The cyber criminals who actually do this hacking totally gain access to the entire system. They download malicious software within the network which they decide to hack. If the victim clicks on this link by mistake then the entire data can be hacked. If the software gets launched in the victim’s OS then they can lock all the data found on that network. Though some kind of anti-virus can protect your device but cyber criminals are constantly trying to come up with new techniques to overcome this rigid protection.

What is Wanna Cry?

It is a particular kind of ransomware program that actually locks all kind of data in the system and actually, the user only has two options – the instruction you will get to do next and secondly, the entire program itself.

When the user opens this software it notifies the computer that all its files got encrypted. It also notifies the user that only a few days left to get back all the files otherwise the entire data will be removed from the network.

Precautions to protect your system from ransomware attacks

The best way is that you must protect your files by taking a backup on some other computer. It means that even if you lost the files you will have a backup of it. Also, as a precaution, you must not download or visit bad websites or app as it will enable the malware to insert in your device. The best way to protect your device is that you must not log into some unknown web address and rather click on the link its better that you must type the link manually.