Shake Hands with Google to Invite Rio Olympics the Fruity Way

The commencement of the Rio Olympics has been brought about an increase in the levels of energy among fanatic sports followers. Meanwhile Google, the largest search engine of all times, has emerged with one of the most intriguing and innovative ideas to celebrate the Summer Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. Designed by a par excellence logo design company, Google has launched a temporary Doodle that imitates an Olympic event with fruits competing to win the final Olympic gold. Innovative as the idea is, the entire theme has added on to the fun quotient.


Launched on the first day of the phenomenal Olympics 2016, the homepage of Google treats its visitors with a short animation wherein a number of fruits come alive and compete for the Olympic decathlons. The users are then dawned upon by the information that the displayed video is available in the Google App in the form of a game named Doodle Fruit Games.

A few basics about the Doodle game

With over 10,000 athletes from 207 countries across the globe, the 31st Olympics meets has managed to raise the sporting heat to an astounding extent. Google has been followed by viewers all across for the amazing doodles that it has come up with on every occasion. The fruits game is definitely one that is par with the prevailing vigour. Speaking of the game, the game has been designed to run on both Android Apps as well as the iOS. The fact that has added on to the growing popularity of the doodle is that it is a live video instead of a constant image.

The video is an exemplary example of the creative minds that have been working behind it. The prime attractions of the games are a tennis match played by a pineapple, a biking game played by a coconut and a strawberry race where tiny strawberries try to escape a giant rolling watermelon.

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