SMS Marketing Ensures Easy Enrichment and Effortless Establishment

SMS marketing is the most dominant telecommunication marketing means currently used by various companies in Kolkata and it has produced fruitful and strikingly brilliant results. Today, SMS is not only a mode of communication but it has also established itself as an excellent marketing tool.  It has also proved its indispensability in building customer’s trust and reliance. At present, the commercial significance of an SMS Marketing Company in Kolkata is same as that of a top-ranked IT companyin this city.


The ultimate priority and preference of SMS marketing is made understood by its following features:

Less Effort, High output

SMS marketing is more preferred to other digital forms of marketing such as e-mail because a company does not need to work too hard to bring its newest service or product to the keen attention of its customers. With the help of only a few words, a customer is made aware of all the latest information and that too without internet connection (for which the customer bears expenses).

Minimum time, minimum cost

An SMS reaches a customer from a sender company in no time. It takes only a few seconds, not even minutes. The expense of an SMS dispatch is also very low. Where two major marketing aspects are so convenient, why not companies use this marketing technique?

Information easily understandable

An SMS does not exceed 160 characters in length. This short length text instantly creates curiosity and enthusiasm in a customer to know more about the concise information. A customer requires only a few seconds to read the text and visits the website link given in the SMS at the earliest. Even in busy time, a customer’s quick attention can be earned through catchy short messages. The advertiser is thus able to ensure greater customer-company interaction in lesser time in comparison to other marketing medium.

Quick favourable response from customers

When an advertisement is broadcasted through an SMS, after quick reading, a customer instantly response to the specific advertisement which results in immediate further enquiry about the specific product or service which is advertised. Either the customer quickly visits the website mentioned in the SMS for each and every detail or make immediate voice calls at toll-free numbers through their multi-purpose handsets. The greater the customer interaction, the greater is the possibility of product sale and greater is the success of the advertisement.

Uncountable number of customer generation

Today, close to 100% of the total population of a metropolitan city, irrespective of economic level has their own respective mobile phones. An SMS neither needs internet connection to reach a customer nor is it beyond his/her understandibility. Through exhaustive survey, it has been observed that SMS advertisements or general information or important updates ensures lot greater website visits of customers as compared to other marketing systems. Through short and sweet 160 or less than 160 characters text, if a company is successful in developing rich customer base across the circumference of the world, why should it think of any other marketing technique?

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