Steps SEO Services Can Take to Deal with Covid-19’s Impact


The outbreak of COVID-19 made an impact on the digital world too. Read to know the steps digital marketing agencies can take to deal with the crisis.

The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 has caused a huge storm for the entire world. It has affected the world economy greatly. It didn’t leave the digital world as well. The digital ecosystem is also facing a lot of impacts whether it is positive or negative. The top-ranking search term now is COVID-19 or Corona.  As a result, all other terms are losing their ranks. This catastrophe is giving rise to an alarming effect across all the chains. For example, food delivery services and online shopping sites are facing major losses. With people maintaining social distance they are not coming in contact with unnecessary items or people. But, how do digital marketing agencies deal with this impact? Keep reading this blog to know about it.

SEO Services in this Time of COVID-19:

1. Ecommerce Services:- 

Although e-commerce sales are dropping, people are using it to get the necessary stuff. There has been a huge surge in products like rubbing alcohol, sanitizers, cleaners, masks, etc. On the other hand luxury options like travelling and eating out are completely out of question. The healthy people are searching for equipment and courses online to workout. Also, with so much time people are looking for ways to learn something online so that they can pass their time. 

Response to Digital Marketing Services:

As people are only getting the necessities to deal with this crisis, a digital marketing service should work along with it. They should make individual pages of such products which are high in demand. You should remove any errors that are there. Monitor the traffic closely.  Also, businesses should start getting in touch with the best eCommerce web design services to get crisp results without any glitches.

2. Travel Domains:

Although, people are strictly staying away from travelling the search on travel domains have not fallen. But, there has been an increase in traffic on these sites. However, flight booking hotel bookings, etc have taken the downward graph. 

The Response of Digital Marketing Services:

The first step digital SEO services can take is to understand the client’s query at this time and what the changes are? They should start building a strategy accordingly.  Start focusing on reputation and PR management. Respond promptly to any ratings or reviews-be it negative or positive. Also, try working on the bounce rate and reduce them as much as possible.

3. Health and Fitness:

People are becoming more and more aware of their health and body nowadays. The search for similar terms has shown a huge impact on the traffic and reach.

The Response of Digital Marketers:

Digital marketers should shortlist their tasks and focus on the audience’s search volumes. More and more people are asking their queries about this pandemic on the internet. So, SEO agencies must focus on creating relevant and good quality content.

These are some of the steps that digital marketing agencies can take. If you are looking for the best digital marketing company in Kolkata, then get in touch with Avant-Garde Technologies.