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Difference Between Traditional and Digital Marketing

digital marketingMany digital marketing services these days are coming up with digital marketing solutions. Here are the differences between traditional and digital marketing.

Marketing is the key to any successful business venture. Much of the business success depends on how well you market your products. The basic aim of marketing is to enhance the reach of your business. It will help your clients get to know about your products and services and use those. Traditional marketing system has undergone a metamorphosis. As a result, we now have digital marketing too. More and more business companies are availing digital marketing services. There are many differences between traditional and digital marketing. Read on to know more. Continue reading Difference Between Traditional and Digital Marketing

Every Digital Marketing Agency Should Avoid These Common Marketing Mistakes

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Digital Marketing Company In Kolkata  is one of the biggest necessities of the year 2019. In this ever-evolving technological and digital world, this is a vital tool which enables every company to reach and engage with their targeted audience. Even an increasing number of customers and consumers prefer the online medium to interact with their desired brands and purchase products from them. Hence, every company is investing to avail services from the best Digital Marketing Company In Kolkata to create a viable online presence on the Internet. Continue reading Every Digital Marketing Agency Should Avoid These Common Marketing Mistakes

How to Make the E-Commerce Sites More User-Friendly?

ecommerce websiteE-commerce is the in thing today and is a popular medium to improve commercial profitability. Here’s a write-up on features of a user-friendly e-commerce website.

E-commerce is the way of the world today. Most commercial businesses have walked the e-commerce way to improve their business and ensure a better customer reach. But amidst the stiff competition that is all around, it is not easy to catch the attention of the customers, keep them engaged as well as convert their site view into sales figures. It is a difficult and competitive market but with careful planning by the digital marketing company, all this is possible. So what should ideally be the features of a user-friendly e-commerce website? Continue reading How to Make the E-Commerce Sites More User-Friendly?

The Small Business Guide to Hiring a perfect SEO Agency

seo company in kolkataSeo company in kolkata. There are certain things a small business has to keep in mind while hiring an SEO Agency.

1) The points to look out for in an SEO Company: What is it that would help a business zero in to that perfect SEO company? Here are some of the services that are provided by some of the best seo company in India:

  • Credibility of the company: There are many digital marketing companies these days which are offering SEO services. It is important to select that company which has been in the field for a considerable amount of time and has reputation in handling SEO based services earlier.
  • Cost-effective packages offered: There is always a scope to approach different companies and find out the packages offered – which would not only include cost but all the ancillary services offered. The company that offers the best deal at a reasonable cost must be selected.
  • Coordination with Client: A good SEO company will always approach it from the perspective of the client. A proper digital marketing strategy would be developed only after several rounds of discussion with the client. So, the business client should look out for that company which is ready to follow this process.
  • Presenting a clear time-line and project matrix: An effective SEO company would be able to hand over a very clear timeline of implementation of the project as well as the exact structure of implementation of the project.

2) What should be the expectations from the SEO company: The business client must look out for the following results or actions from the SEO company:

  • To be able to make the client web-site search engine effective, so as to push the client company to the top of search engine results.
  • To be able to make it effective enough to increase traffic to the site.
  • To develop and research of key-words to determine the demand for the client product or service.
  • To design in such a way as to improve the propensity of conversion of traffic to potential sales figures.
  • To regularly provide performance analysis report.
  • To adjust and bring changes in strategies as and when there is a change in the market structure.

Keeping these points in mind, small businesses can expect effective ROI and business success in terms of sales figures. One can keep the checklist handy to effectively find out the best digital marketing company in kolkata, as well as the rest of India.