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How To Get A Successful eCommerce Website Design In Minutes?

eCommerce Website Development Just Became Easy!

Do you also have trouble in getting successful ecommerce website development in India? Then, we are here to help you out. Check out this blog and discover tips. 

Often, we underestimate the appearance of a website. It is more like a brick-and-mortar store where all that matters is the “first impression.” To get that right, you have to take the help of a good ecommerce development company in Kolkata. And that’s exactly why AGTS India is always here to help you out. 

5 Expert Tips To Get A Great eCommerce Website Development

  1. Start with the accurate platform and functional themes

A platform is the base of your online business.  While opting for eCommerce website design, you should always choose a reputed platform. Classic examples include Magento, BigCommerce or Shopify. Further, these platforms can handle the volume you wish to have in future. 

  1. Think about SEO and Site Performance

PageRank continues to be an essential factor for traffic. It is necessary to optimize proper eCommerce SEO as well as search marketing. Thus, your page will surely receive a higher rank and even shoppers will easily find you. It is worth the effort because the CTR can go down by more than half in the search results. Site performance also makes an enormous difference in your UX. 

  1. Let mobile customers see your responsive site design

It looks like a no-brainer to optimize every page for mobile. But you cannot deny the fact that various merchants are still stuck to old themes as well as websites. Most of your consumers are watching you online via mobile phones. So, having a responsive site will be an extra advantage because they can easily see it. 

  1. Security is equally crucial for Data Safety

ECommerce business mostly works on the trust between the customer and merchant. However, it takes a lot of time to build that trust. An immediate improvement for building trust is to encrypt every page using HTTPS protocol. Don’t do that only for the payment information pages. Customers have a huge expectation that you will keep their data safe. 

  1. Limit the selection of your products

Offering a plethora of choices to your consumers can hinder sales. Buyers find it difficult to decide when they have a lot of options to choose from. They would rather walk away than decide immediately. The best thing you can do here is serve your consumers better by limiting products to a specific niche.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to having top-notch website development, you must always choose a reliable company. One such trustworthy ecommerce website development agency in Kolkata is Agts India. Whenever you search for the best ecommerce website design near me, we are the ones always ranking on top. 

What Are The Key Points about eCommerce web development?

 ecommerce website development

 It’s simple for an online store to get lost in the crowd when there is an abundance of eCommerce sites. Hence an ecommerce website development agency in kolkata is a requisite. 

Excellent website design that provides users with the necessary experience. Hiring an ecommerce website design near me will prove to be beneficial in the future. 

The process of developing your e-commerce website’s technical elements, such as how it functions, takes payments, reacts to user activity, and has an appealing appearance.

The web development services market, which is expected to be worth $11 billion in 2022, enables business owners to establish dress their most urgent e-commerce concerns, such as

  • Choosing the appropriate functionality and features for their e-commerce project.
  • Recognize the eCommerce framework that can be most effective for you.
  • Adding e-commerce functionality to an existing website or website template.

We’ll discuss what eCommerce website development in India is in this post. How to select a developer or team of developers to support you in realising your idea, and the procedures to follow before launching. Let’s start now.

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Is Shopify The Most Optimum eCommerce Development Platform?


Finding an eCommerce website development agency in Kolkata is nothing new. From small to big businesses, everyone is looking for the best one. Find it here.

With the onset of the pandemic, every business is going digital. And all of them want to take part in the ECommerce development in India. Platforms like Magento and Open Cart have been gaining much popularity. However, Shopify continues to remain on top of the list. 

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What Are The Advantages Of A Quick eCommerce Website?

The success of an eCommerce website development in India depends on its site speed. Read this blog and learn more about the benefits of a quick website.  

For calculating the perks of a quick eCommerce website, you must contact a good “eCommerce website design near me.” Great marketing, quality SEO content as well as clear branding combine to develop great web designs. But nothing will work well if your website has a poor loading speed. 

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