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Know About the Ideal Host for Your Website

To know about the ideal host about your website it is essential that you must understand the requirement of your website.  This includes the kind of content which must be put on the website, as well as know the demographic of your people.  Less expensive web hosting services and web IT solutions might be beneficial for the personal site but for a professional site a noteworthy amount of content is required that includes things like cloud hosting, VPS services, technical support system and how all the works are getting implemented.

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Static vs. Dynamic Hosting- One important factor to consider before choosing the ideal hosting service is that whether you will be installing digital content or not. Digital matters like video, music, podcasts must be available to the customers.  But if you have any problem with downloading then your user will certainly face problems while downloading videos or music from the site.

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Precautions to Protect Your OS from Cyber Attack

As the entire world is talking about the recent cyber attack which just happened last week has affected globally around 150 countries. The ransomware which has affected the systems is named as ‘WannaCry” which is actually a flaw happened to be seen in the software of Microsoft. It has spread across various networks and unlocked major files.

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What is ransomware?

It is actually a cyber attack where the hackers take full control of the entire computer and block all the system until and unless a particular ransom is paid to the ransom which they demanded. The first of this kind of a case actually occurred in the year 2005 in U.S. The cyber criminals who actually do this hacking totally gain access to the entire system. They download malicious software within the network which they decide to hack. If the victim clicks on this link by mistake then the entire data can be hacked. If the software gets launched in the victim’s OS then they can lock all the data found on that network. Though some kind of anti-virus can protect your device but cyber criminals are constantly trying to come up with new techniques to overcome this rigid protection. Continue reading Precautions to Protect Your OS from Cyber Attack

An Outline on Different Categories of Web Hosting Services

Recently the word Web Hosting is very common to hear as a term which is easy and can be associated with the internet. It is very easy nowadays to transfer any kind of information easily within some seconds and for this you definitely need web hosting services. There are many web hosting company in Kolkata that provides brilliant services and manages many servers and their software, security and looks after many things related to a website.


As there are many categories of web hosting services, it is important to know how each of them is structured as well as about the benefits:- Continue reading An Outline on Different Categories of Web Hosting Services

Essentials of a Quintessential E Commerce Page

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The crafting of an e commerce page requires the ultimate deal of considerations and labour to be put in to get that ultimate final product of an alluring web page in place. Given the abrupt hike in competition among the web development companies, churning out the best e commerce page can prove to be a laborious task. Avant-Garde Technologies has been a Web Development Company in Kolkata that has been taking every cautionary step to ensure the fact that all the mandatory points are included in the pages that they create for you. Continue reading Essentials of a Quintessential E Commerce Page

Will 2017 Be An Era Of New Trends In Case Of Website Designs?

Speaking of the importance of the presence of an amazing online website development platform, how would you explain its relevance? Well, if you ask me, I would describe its absence similar to the effect of coming across an attractive man and woman and not being able to ask for his or her contact number. Just like you move on after the incident irrespective of how attractive the individual might be, people will tend to forget you and your business with the backup of an effectual Web Development Company, no matter how magnified your business might be.

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Web development tools are hand in glove with any website development platform that you opt for. In fact, these tools act as the building blocks of a successful website that you create for your business. Continue reading Will 2017 Be An Era Of New Trends In Case Of Website Designs?

5 Awesome Snapchat Marketing Techniques to Enrich Your Business in No Time

Snapchat is a new awesome tool used by companies worldwide to market their latest products. It is the second most effective technology of the post 2010 era used for marketing after facebook. At present, more and more companies offering Web IT Solutions are adding snapchat in their respective service repertoire as an indispensable service to boost the business of many other companies. Snapchat is an application software by using which photos and short videos can be sent to customers through mobile. It is free to download and free to use but produces great results.

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If the potential of snapchat is effectively harnessed, wonderful results can be obtained as far as brand improvement and popularity is concerned. A company can experience its own popularity just within a few hours! Continue reading 5 Awesome Snapchat Marketing Techniques to Enrich Your Business in No Time

Why Is Web Development A Prosperous Career Option?

Web developers are in great demand in the job market of Kolkata nowadays. Web developers build websites, web applications and web services which together are called Web IT Solutions. They use all the latest web technologies to design, develop and deploy websites rich in feature and functionality. Web Development is a very important part of Information Technology (IT) services and over the last few years it has achieved worldwide significance. This is because the web has become a fundamental part of any official work. The IT market in Kolkata promises huge number of jobs in the coming years and a major percentage of this total number of jobs will be related to web development and accordingly over the last few years, the number of students of web development in Kolkata has alarmingly increased.

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