The Concept Of Social Blogging And Reasons To Incorporate It

Recently, every social media marketing agency in Kolkata is incorporating social blogging. Read this blog and discover the overall concept of social blogging.

Social blogs are shorter in size and are more media-driven. It is because of the changing attention spans of people. Marketers optimize social blogging for similar purposes as social media channels. It helps in sharing information about events, news and relevant topics. A social media agency in Kolkata incorporates social blogs for letting you share information in real-time. 

Social Media Vs Social Blogging 

  1. Platforms 

There are tons of crossovers between social media and social blogging platforms. A lot of social media apps and sites are important for social blogging such as Instagram and Twitter. However not every social media platform is perfect for social blogging. For instance, you cannot use Snapchat for social blogging because you cannot maintain a consistent record of your posts. 

  1. Content Types

You must share the same content on both your social media and social blog feeds. This comprises the basics like images, text posts, video clips and links. The themes of your content can be similar too. Additionally, both these types optimize trending and timely topics that offer immediate value to readers and viewers. They are perfect for making announcements. 

  1. Demographics 

Anyone can be on social media and read a blog. However, social blogging can appeal to a wider demographic range than social media websites. For instance, several types of people operate in the technology organization. If your social blog emphasizes these topics, you can acquire users from various age brackets or locations. With social media, there are tons of platforms that are popular with different genders and age groups. 

Reasons To Begin Social Blogging 

  • Fewer efforts 

With social blogging, you get to do blogging without working on the harder aspects. If you enjoy researching, writing or selecting media, you can easily do these things. However, you don’t have to work too much for reaching out to your target audience. 

  • Post frequency 

You can make more content when there is no need to give in more effort to share it. This increased productivity can help you with engaging the right audience. Because you have been picking out pieces very often.

  • Content formality 

Blog posts are generally less formal than the other content formats. You can end up comparing them to white papers, articles or eBooks. These forms of content have typical information and instructional structure. Adding the social aspect to blogging, one can work on a more relaxed format. 


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