Tips to Design Innovative Ecommerce Mobile Apps

Did you know according to the trend most e-commerce websites prefers built an app for their brand rather building a website? It is estimated that sales via mobile app are more than a mobile website for an e-commerce store. Just any E commerce store that wants to boost up their sale and reach more customers definitely should consider building a mobile app. But before you just jumped into hiring mobile apps designer company in Kolkata their many kinds of rules which you must need to understand.

Mobile app design

Simple User Interface

The foremost important thing that mobile app designer must consider is that the size of the screen is small compared to the desktop so the amount of content is limited. Also, make sure that the app which is designed must enable the users to operate it with ease. To provide the best mobile application solutions it is important that the home screen of the particular app is simple and it should have sufficient space where the promotions could be highlighted.

A consistent navigation

In websites, you can get a lot of menus for every category but here in a mobile app with a very small size of a screen, the designer has to fit all the buttons which can be easily displayed in the global navigation. You must also see that the menu is properly positioned and should include all the necessary categories.

Try to avoid a long signup process

Your app can never be successful if the process of the signup is lengthy. Also, be assured that the user can register to your account using any of their social network platforms or they should also get the option to purchase it as a guest.

The ‘Add to cart’ button should be prominent

One of the most important thing that you should keep in mind is that the “add to cart” button should be incorporate prominently so that the buyer can add the products as soon as possible they choose it. It is so because too much of steps might end up losing valuable customers.

Numbers of images should be less

Every mobile app user will think that the app should get the start in their mobile soon as they open it. But if you store too much of images in the app then the user might face difficulty in opening the app instantly. Thus, it is important that you should limit putting the high-resolution images in the app.

A Favorite Product bar should be included

Generally, the users at one go do not buy the products and browse a lot of other products. So, it is important that a separate tab for ‘wish list’ or ‘favorite’ should be included in the app so that the users can actually able to revisit their favorite product directly without browsing further.

Data should be secured

It is important that the users’ data should be properly secured because otherwise if it gets leaked then your brand will severely be affected.