Tips To Optimize Content For Being Found On Google Discover

Google Discover

Get to know why Google Discover is becoming increasingly important for SEO strategy. Digital marketing service agencies in Kolkata are here to guide you. 

Google Discover has been effective in marking a new beginning in the world of SEO. Top SEO agencies in Kolkata are utilizing their power to optimize content and improve customer engagements. If you too are keen on understanding how Google Discover works and how you can personalize it for your business, we are here to help you. 

Google Discover, earlier known by the name of Google Feed is an AI-driven content recommendation tool. It shows content related to the interests of a person. This personalized content feed is available to mobile users on Google App, Android devices, and on all mobile browsers. It facilitates a query-free mode of generating information. It contains the latest news, stories, videos, articles, live sports scores, advertisements depending on the person’s browser history. 

Why Do Marketers Need To Know About Google Discover?

  • Recently online publishers have been witness to sudden spikes in mobile traffic and the reason for this is Google Discover. Marketers need to know about it because of its effectiveness in pulling in huge mobile traffic. As the feature is relevantly new, most marketers and small business owners are clueless about its use. But the Discover Feed does not wait for the user to type in the query, rather it gives users information before he asks for it. 
  • Although this new feature is pretty beneficial but there is a catch. Experienced SEO service providers in Kolkata do not recommend that you drop your Google search strategy to only focus on this new feature. However, implementing a few tactics that improve your chances of landing on Discover will also pave the way for optimizing your site for SEO. Hence, it is important for businesses to use the best possible SEO tools and techniques to rank their content on the Discover Feed. 

How To Optimize Content On Google Discover?

  • Create Meaningful Pieces Of Web Content And Link Them: The most basic need to get found on Discover Feed is to create content that people enjoy reading. Google algorithmically ranks content based on what users will like. Also, the best tip by reputed digital marketing agencies in Kolkata is to create multiple quality pieces of content related to overarching topics. This will increase your chances of being on Discover and internal linking will be beneficial for SEO. 
  • Include And Optimize Photos: For interesting content recommendations, Discover always ranks content higher that is visually appealing and interesting. Therefore, it is imperative that you add images that are striking and optimized for both Discover and Search algorithms. 
  • Make Sure To Post More Videos: Online video streaming is growing with the new generation. And the latest news is Google Discover and Search algorithms are favoring such content. So, including videos in your content will bring you in the spotlight and help your content rank higher. 

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