Top 3 Effective Ways to Make Your WordPress Website SEO Friendly

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Do you want some easy and simple tips to make your WordPress website SEO friendly? Here are some proven hacks from the best web development company in Kolkata. 

Businesses and brands take the help of professional web developers to customize and design websites that align with their brand’s perspective. According to website development companies in Kolkata. This platform is a great solution for both large and small websites as it has high flexibility and usability. From blogging to business portfolio websites, WordPress has always been the number one choice as it is a versatile CMS.

Contrary to popular belief that creating a site on WordPress will give you the top position on  SERP  rankings. You need to have an excellent SEO foundation to reach your goal. WordPress is just another Content Management System (CMS)  that helps to curate, manage, and improvise content for digital media. The benefit of the CMS platform is in spite of not being a technical guru, you can use this powerful tool for publishing your content. 

Tips for Making your WordPress Website SEO-Friendly:

  • Get Your SEO Basics Right:- Start with selecting a domain name that lets your audience get a hint about your business, brand, or your work. Adding keywords can be beneficial but it is better to choose a name that you can bank on. The domain name should be easy to remember and colloquial. The second point is to choose a good hosting solution such that you do not have to face the brunt of security issues. The third factor is you should pay attention while selecting the theme of your site. As your theme will affect the speed of the site. Choose SEO friendly themes that will add to your business value. The fourth step is to make your site secure and for this do purchase an SSL certificate. With website security in check, also, you can score more on Google rankings
  • Organize Your Permalinks:– Correctly structuring your permalink around various products, services, listings, and location keywords is a crucial part of site structure that makes your website SEO friendly. Also, it helps user navigation easier and much more convenient. WordPress creates a separate permalink for each post which can be edited and modified according to the requirement. 
  • Optimizing Additional Features:- Use plugins which will help you to make your site more flexible and design customizable features for your target audience. The content on your site will always be the king. So there should not be any typos, spin ideas that are original, use videos to enhance its approachability. Also enable breadcrumbs that allow search engines to crawl your site, interlinking articles and other information can work in your favor.  

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