Ways to Keep Track of User Behaviour in A Mobile App

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There are many things you need to do after launching a mobile app from a top mobile apps development agency and one of them is to track user behavior. Read to know more.

When it comes to mobile apps, there is a prevalent myth which we are going to burst right now. One of them is that you hire a top mobile app development agency, they create an app, you launch it and you think your work is over. Well, sorry to break it to you but no! In fact, this is where the real work begins. You cannot forget everything after setting a mobile app and then expect growth. You need to now step up and work from your clients’ point of view to see the user behavior in an app. Yes, tracking the behavior of users is an intensive process but equally important. 

Even though it is tiresome, this is one of the most important things you need to do. If you can track user behavior in the right way then you will find a lot of valuable information. This will help you develop your next strategy and grow your business. Take the help of a mobile app development company in Kolkata for convenient features. Whether you need to change the features of your app or promote properly, tracking the user behavior can help in better conversions. In this blog, we will discuss how you can track user behavior in an app.

How to Track User Behaviour In A Mobile Apps:-

Path of Navigation:- 

This is like a map that describes the journey of users in your app right from installation. How much time your clients spend time on the app, what features they use, what they are buying, etc. It shows you all. As a result, you can also fix any issues like crashing at the earliest. You can also track the former and potential customers and what you need to retain them. You can ask your agency to develop such a feature. 

Record the Sessions:- 

Another useful and effective way to track user interactions as session recording. As a result, you can view every single thing a client does on your app. It offers you a brief breakdown of every step they take. This also helps you analyze the loopholes and annoying points. The frustration of users leads to bounce and as a result, the conversion rate reduces. Hence, it is important to notice all user information and act accordingly. 

Touch Heatmaps:- 

There are two things that you cannot overlook, that is: your connection with the app is emotional and every single individual is different. Therefore, choose a professional to do this job and give them the responsibility to track user behavior from a third person’s view. It will also help them make the changes that are necessary. Touch heatmaps work perfectly for that. 

Action Squadron:- 

One action of every user brings another. Even though this sounds easy, it is not. 

These are some of the ways to keep track of user behavior in a mobile app. The best mobile app development service provider is Avant-Garde Technologies. Check out their website for more information.

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