What Are Some Trends For Creating A Futuristic Mobile Application


Mobile app development services in Kolkata have seen massive success in 2021. The same prediction has been made in the forthcoming year for mobile application development. 

As per the prediction of professionals, certain trends are yet to drive the mobile app development company in Kolkata in 2022. One can find more developing mobile applications generating in new sectors for easing our lives further. Let’s have a look at the latest trends that design futuristic mobile applications.

2022 Trends To Create A Future-Ready Mobile Application

Blockchain Technology

  • Although not a new concept, blockchain technology is getting more leverage these days. Blockchain for each mobile application developer in Kolkata is a digital ledger that maintains wide transactions connecting several computer systems. 
  • Each block in the chain keeps transaction data. Whenever a new transaction happens, these blocks tend to retain the data. Hence, an update of each participant’s ledger is made. With the increase in blockchain technology, one can predict the development of mobile applications.

Integration Of 5G Technology 

  • 5G Technology is gaining fast traction in the mobile app development company in Kolkata. This is changing the user experience drastically and in indigenous ways. For example, its implementation largely reduces the latency of the human response. 
  • One can also leverage the 5G technology to provide greater bandwidth as well as advance interconnectivity. This can facilitate application development in realms like the Internet of Things, Augmented reality, and Virtual reality as well. 

AI And Machine Learning

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been prevalent for quite some time. Some features like a chatbot, voice search integration, and facial recognition have come to use due to AI technology as well as machine learning technology. 
  • Presently, AI is evolving and wide sectors such as eCommerce and healthcare are implementing this in order to decrease the tedious administrative work. It also minimizes the time and money spent on the technology. 

Augmented Reality

  • Utilizing augmented reality is prevalent in a number of sectors such as e-commerce, healthcare, and education. The ability of this technology is to present the goods and services more efficiently to the users.
  • A valuable example of AR implementation is the popular brand IKEA. IKEA’s Place app helps you to pick any product from their catalogue and keep it anywhere in your space. The aim is to get a realistic idea of its suitability. 


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