What Are The 7 Types Of Keywords Commonly Used In SEO?


A successful SEO needs the right set of keywords. Here are some common keywords that almost every digital marketing agency in Kolkata uses. So, check them out.

With the best keywords come more views, more prospects, and eventually greater profits. But how do we know which is the right set of keywords to use? This is why we take the help of the best digital marketing agency in India to help us out. 

7 Different Types Of Keywords In SEO 

  • Short-Tail Keywords

As the name suggests, Short-Tail keywords actually refer to short keywords. Because these keywords have less than three words, they are also known as the head keyword. Such keywords have an enormous amount of search volume as well as they are highly competitive. 

  • Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords have more than 3 words. Additionally, they are much more specific than the short-tail ones. In comparison to short-tail keywords, they have a lower search volume. However, they make it up for by becoming less competitive. By using long-tail keywords, you can easily determine the search intent. 

  • Keywords defining products 

These are the keywords that not only explain but also describe your products. Usually, searchers looking for a product-defining keyword have some specific requirements. It is significant to remember that while searching with these keywords, the searcher is already at the stage of purchasing. 

  • Customer stating Keywords 

Every brand has its own target persona. Customer-stating keywords are nothing but that determine the customers’ details. Are they mostly female or male, what is their age or their location? Getting into more detail gives you more information that you can use. Address your target audience so that you can focus on their pain point. 

  • Geo-targeting Keywords 

A geo-targeting keyword lets you target a specific city, neighborhood, or state. This is particularly useful for smaller, local businesses where you want to attract relevant customers. Since geo-targeting keywords are location-based, using them in SEO is incredibly easy. 

  • Intent targeting Keywords 

Searchers want general data on a specific topic or item. Hence, optimize keywords like ways to, guide on, benefits and facts. Although these keywords might look short, they are highly informative. Users having commercial intent are particularly more likely to make a purchase. 

  • Evergreen Keywords 

Keywords that remain relevant all the time are Evergreen keywords. Even if the search volume fluctuates, it won’t make much difference. You can be sure that even after two years of publishing, they will still be relevant. 


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