What Are The Best Technologies For Web App Development In 2021?


Technological advancement has been a key in making web app development faster, simpler. With an increasing web design company near you, know how to partner with the best.

Today for the smooth sailing of your business, you need to be present everywhere. Developing an app is a continuous process that includes selecting the app design, installing upgrades to existing features if any, fixing bugs and security issues, and testing it periodically. Since your website is an integral part of your marketing system, you should take the help of professional web application development services in Kolkata to create one. 

The Various Advanced Technologies For Web Application Development

  • Web Assembly: This assembly-like language has a compact binary format. It offers a compilation target to the languages like C, C++, C#, Rust, etc., and exhibits a near-native performance. With this code, professionals from web design companies can build rapid web apps that are required especially in games, CAD applications, music, video altering, etc. 
  • Headless CMS: A headless CMS executes content delivery via API and ensures a seamless display across several devices. The rising popularity of headless CMS is integral to the emergence of IoT. Internet of Things facilitates wider connectivity and a headless CMS helps to feature content on different types of devices without any hassle.
  • Motion UI: Motion UI provides developers the staple medium for creating motion within a native app setting. According to web development companies in Kolkata, it is the staple medium for creating motion within a native app setting. The main benefits of using this are enhanced user-friendliness, better usability, convenience, and ease of integration. 
  • IoT technologies, AR & VR: If an application has limited features and developers fail to implement new updates in it, it will fail in the competitive market. With the widespread use of IoT technologies across the globe, each year is a  witness to the rising adoption of this advanced technology. Also, with the advent of open source development, it simplifies the process of sharing programs without any hassle. It is easy to integrate IoT with advanced technologies such as AR, VR, and Machine Learning.

Features Of A Progressive Web Application(Pwa)

  • Responsiveness And Browser Compatibility:  PWAs work with all browsers and are compatible with any device, regardless of screen size and other specifications. The best part is tablet and also, mobile users will have the same experience.
  • App-Like Interface: Users need not open the site on the browser every time. They can add the icon on the screen and use it accordingly. 
  • Linkable: The user can easily share and also access the application using the URL, skipping the whole installation process. 
  • Security And Privacy: These apps are serve through HTTPS, so unauthorized users cannot access their content.

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