What Are The Key Aspects To Write A SEO-Friendly URL Structure?


URL structure is the stepping stone for building a successful SEO strategy that enhances a site’s performance. Take the help of a digital marketing company in India to know better. 

Did you know that URL structure in your website plays a huge part in SEO ranking? After optimizing your website content and checking website speed, you might think most of your job is complete. There are more than 200 ranking factors on Google and structuring the URLs is important as it gives you a competitive advantage over your peers. SEO services in India will always emphasize shortening you’re and resting precise URLs for SEO. Also, according to them,  succinct URLs allow Google to index and rank web pages effectively. This ensures better visibility and a rich visitor experience.

What is URL Structure?

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a web page address. It is made of a domain, a subdomain name(optional), and a permalink.  A well-defined URL  that is clean, concise, and short will be easy to share and easily optimized for search engines. You can view a page’s URL when used in web browsers but most vividly visible when shared on social media or displayed on a list of search engine results. 

Know-How To Write A SEO Friendly Url Structure:

  • Standardize Your Url In Lowercase: Usually, most servers do not have problems with mixed case URLs. However, according to the best SEO strategy provided by marketers in Kolkata, it is better to use lowercase letters. This is common to users and easier to read for them.
  • Choose A Reliable Domain: Being the most popular domain, using a “.com” can boost the authority and credibility of your website. While your choice of the domain will not directly influence the URL structure but it plays a dominant part in enhancing user experience. 
  • Use Keywords in Category URL Structure: Using less relevant keywords as the category name is a common mistake. What you need to focus on is selecting a category name that best describes your page. Choose words that are most relevant to users who are searching for the contents or products similar to the ones present in your list of categories. When you start your website and start creating content for it, identify the best keywords by selecting the term that:
  1. Has a search popularity
  2. Closely identifies with your products and services in the industry
  3. Has a low competition in search
  • Url Length And Cutting Down On Unnecessary Words: If you take the opinion of the top SEO agency in Kolkata, the professionals will advise you to keep the URL bandwidth within 50-60 characters. Anything beyond 80 characters will hamper SEO factors. Adding superfluous words will only confuse the search engine and your readers too might find it difficult. So, if your CMS automatically adds extra, irrelevant words, you should manually change it. 

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